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Soul Connection Mentor, Linda Emslie offers bespoke healing for chronic illness.

Bespoke healing
that meets you
where you’re at.

Together we’ll take
your body-mind-spirit
connection to new levels.


The Divine in me honours and greets the Divine in you.

Come in and welcome home dear soul. In this space your sacred sovereignty is met with understanding and clear vision providing soul-aligned healing solutions.

Allow yourself to sink into a sacred space of healing and enlightenment purpose-built for you and your specific needs.

There are a number of ways we can work together to achieve the outcome you’re looking for:

  • Online or in-person.
  • One-to-one or group sessions.
  • Discrete disruptions of your unhelpful patterns.
  • Long-term, sustained support and guidance to achieve your full unfolding.
  • A combination of approaches to suit your needs and circumstances.

If you’re not sure where to start or what you need, start by talking to me. The first one is on me — no obligation, whether we continue working together or not.

What do I need right now?

I invite you to place your hand over your heart. Breathe gently into your heart space as you make a connection with the wisdom there.  Gently close your eyes and ask yourself, “what do I need right now?”

Allow space to open within your inner sanctuary and rest gently there. Pause and breathe, wait softly for the answer to surface.

Be guided by the wisdom of your heart and I’ll see you soon.

Bespoke healing for chronic illness

Following the guidance of your heart choose what feels right from the offerings below.

Are you comfortable with group work and receive great benefit from leaning into group energy? Or are you better served in sacred partnership working one-to-one with a guide who shines the light, holds the mirror, and believes 100% in your ability to achieve the outcomes you desire?

Really not sure what you need? Let’s talk! It’s the quickest, easiest way to find out if what I do aligns with what you need.

One-to-one offerings

Reiki healing

Transformation call

30-40 mins | obligation-free

Find a way forward right now, — one that’s aligned with your heart’s desires, your soul needs and and your higher self’s wisdom.

Soul connection healing

Initial Consult

90 mins | $195

Healing is as much about growth and development as it is about feeling better. Receive the healing you want with the empowerment you need for true transformation.

Divine Intervention

Follow-up Consult

75 mins | $150

Honour your commitment to healing and growing by establishing sound foundations for change. It’s OK to receive the help you need when it’s needed!

Reiki healing

Usui Reiki

45 mins | $100

Immerse yourself in the flow of Universal Life Force Energy and receive all that is needed for healing in body, mind and spirit.

Find out more …

Soul connection healing

Reiki, Chakras & Aura

60 mins | $130

Surrender to the harmonising and restorative Reiki light and allow me to hold space for you. Cleanse, clear and rebalance your chakras and aura.

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Divine Intervention

In biz with the Sacred Feminine

Bespoke mentoring | $POA

Be the change you want to see and bring in the new paradigm, by inviting the Sacred Feminine into your business. Uplevel, align and amplify your business gift with the rhythm and flow of the Goddess.

Soul connection healing

Healing & Ascension

Bespoke | $POA

This premium offering gives you everything I do in a program uniquely tailored to your specific needs. Heal, grow and transcend the hidden struggle of chronic illness as you connect deeply with your own soul light.

Soul connection healing

Intensive healing program

6 weeks | $945

Six weeks of intensive healing and transpersonal growth, guaranteed to change the way you think move and feel.

Soul connection healing

Intensive healing program

12 weeks | $1845

Twelve weeks of intensive healing and transpersonal growth to empower you to embrace your true wisdom, strength and potential, and uplevel your ability to heal yourself.

Not sure what you need? Got questions? Or just wonder if what I do is aligned with your needs?

Ready to transcend the struggle?


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