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Reiki 2 training in Darwin

Reiki 2 training in Darwin with Linda Emslie | Lovlali

It’s still about you
and you don’t have to
become a practitioner!

Reiki practitioner

A natural progression

The beauty of Reiki is its extraordinary ability to open your curiosity and lay before you many avenues of further study.

Within the Usui System of Natural Healing there are a number of levels that you can extend your Reiki learning with.

Each step enhances your understanding and provides a stable platform on which to build your knowledge base.


Completing Reiki 2 is required if you want to become a practitioner. However, undertaking Reiki 2 training doesn’t mean you have to become a practitioner if you don’t feel called to! Undertaking further Reiki training purely for your own personal and spiritual development is absolutely OK.

Reiki 2 training is delivered in person in Darwin. Please connect with me below to find out more.

Reiki 1 is a prerequisite for this training.

It’s usually a good idea to allow at least 3 months between Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 to give yourself time to really get familiar with Reiki and how your system interacts with this beautiful energy.

As with all training I offer, my goal is to have you feeling comfortable and confident with the tools and techniques. This means your learning is hands-on. Student participation is a vital part of developing your understanding.

Four Reiki attunements form an integral part of this course, so I like to leave a week between each day of training to process your learning.

Students need to participate on both days to complete this course.


Reiki 2 training in Darwin - becoming a practitioner

Reiki 2 – practitioners in training.

Training aftercare

As you progress through your Reiki training, one thing remains clear and constant — caring for yourself is paramount!

Still number 1!

The transition from Reiki 1 to Reiki 2 is usually less turbulent than the initial initiation of more Reiki into your system experienced with Reiki 1. However, having said that, Reiki always continues its healing processes of clearing incorrect energy and restoring harmony and balance on every level.

This can result in the very real physical symptoms of detoxification, or varying degrees of emotional release as you are re-aligned. It’s often also one of the very first times you’ve truly switched off your stress response. That can make you feel extremely tired, so listen to your nervous system – rest!

Loving kindness always, for yourself and others

Pre-plan your post-course self-care by

  • Adjusting your work schedule, as much as possible
  • Letting those around you know to be mindful that you’re processing
  • Allow yourself to rest and just be when the need arises.

If you are continuing with Reiki 2 as part of your self-management approach for chronic illness, be sure to let me know so I can give you closer guidance on receiving your training and attunements, as well as how to flow with your aftercare more easily.

Smile inwards to yourself, and outwards to the world around you.

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