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Reiki 3 training in Darwin

Reiki 3 training in Darwin with local Reiki Master, Linda Emslie at Lovlali

Is your curiosity engaged?

Are you yearning for
something more?

Deepen into Reiki

Self-mastery is the key

Reiki 3 is offered with two objectives in mind. You may be seeking either one or both.

  1. It is for those who are ready to take their personal spiritual journey to the next level.
  2. It is the first part of training for those who’d ultimately like to undertake Reiki Master-Teacher training.

Reiki 3 training in Darwin

No matter what the intention, this training is about self-mastery.

We explore spiritual concepts and practices from different philosophies as well as stepping deeper into the nuanced learning embedded in the deceptively simple framework of Reiki.

If you’d like to know more about Reiki 3, Master Training, or both, please connect with me below.

Reiki 2 is a prerequisite
for this training.

My Reiki 3 training is offered as a stand-alone course following on from Reiki 2 training. Or it can be incorporated into you Master training, if that is your ultimate goal.

Reiki 2 needs to be completed before undertaking Reiki 3 and I usually recommend you allow at least 3 months between completing Reiki 2 and considering Reiki 3. The caveat with undertaking this training is timing. Moving into Reiki 3 and beyond isn’t to be rushed and it’s not merely a matter of the passing of the requisite amount of time to be “ready” to do this course.

This is your initiation into self-mastery. It means your willingness to undertake clear-sighted self-enquiry must be actively engaged before commencing.

Training aftercare

By this stage of your Reiki journey, Reiki is most likely a daily part of your life. Training aftercare at this level becomes a matter of continuing to deepen your connection with Reiki, and the philosophies surrounding it.

You will be asked to identify new devotional practices to work with on a regular basis and gently guided to follow your own pathway into deeper spiritual and self-understanding.

If you choose to be continuing into Master-Teacher training you are invited to take your care of yourself to new levels.

Embodying the understanding of the Divine in all things, including yourself, is a key part of your ongoing self-care regimen.

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