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Soul connection healing

Soul connection healing with Linda Emslie

Create the space to
hear and listen
with your heart.


Dissolve the stories
of separation and disconnection for
soul-deep healing.

Soul light

Your medicine is within

Your medicine is within, alongside all the answers you seek. To access them all that’s needed is space, stillness and acceptance.

In a Soul Connection Healing session, I support and guide you to create the space to listen and to ask the questions in a way that enables your heart to hear the answers.

Receiving soul wisdom through the loving energy of your own heart is the fastest way to connect with the healing power of your own soul light.

As we peel away the stories and beliefs of disconnection that are the direct cause of illness, you release layers of imbalance and uncover your unique expression of healing and health.

Soul Connection Healing

In the meeting place of Spirit, you are witnessed with absolute honour and sanctity. Select your session to suit your need, and you will be met, as and how you are, moment by moment.

Unburden your soul in the full knowing that you are gently held in a space of non-judgement, wrapped in the divine healing energies of Reiki and Angelic Frequencies.

You will be guided into a new level of body-mind-soul connection and invited to embark on a journey even deeper still, into the very depths of your being where your own Soul-light resides.

This is your place of power, connection and healing. By developing a closer relationship with your own Divine nature, the true answers you seek for healing, empowerment and abundance flow through unchecked.

A Soul Connection Healing session is a great starting point for determining exactly what you need.


These sessions are also powerful check-in, tune-up points when you want to continue your
Soul alignment work solo.


Select from a 60 min or 90 min session, either in-person or online.

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