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Linda Emslie


Sick of living with chronic illness?

Let’s transcend it!

Meditation is key when you're living with chronic illness.

Linda Emslie


When you're living with chronic illness, meditation is key.

Sick of living with chronic illness?

Let’s transcend it!

Stop press!

My international best seller is now available in paperback.

Do you want less pain, more joy and
more personal freedom?

Do you crave consistent, sustainable energy levels?

How would it feel to say YES to more things with the confidence that you’ll be able to show up?


I can help you achieve all of this and so much more.

I guide, support and mentor conscious business women with chronic illness
to connect with their soul-aligned solutions
for healing and business growth.

Linda Emslie - fibrowarriorgoddess - is also living with chronic illness.

I see you, and I hear your pain and frustration!

Are you craving significant change?

I see you

courageous warrior woman!

I see you living with chronic illness and your hidden struggle. I see your courage and commitment as you show up triumphant, yet unacknowledged as the true champion you are, every, single day!

Your chronic condition sometimes feels like a life sentence – a burden you carry on top of everything else.

Your business gets stuck in Groundhog Day, at the mercy of this hidden tyrant.

You constantly hold yourself back because you never know how you’re going to feel from one day to the next. “What if I say yes, then get a flare-up?”

Your purpose shines bright, it’s the thing that gets you out of bed every day. But you’ve been running on willpower alone for so long and it’s no longer enough!

Whatever you need …


Body, mind and soul connection through sacred touch, energy healing, heart wisdom and spiritual guidance.


Body, mind and soul connection through sacred touch, energy healing, heart wisdom and spiritual guidance.

In Groups

Body, mind and soul connection through sacred touch, energy healing, heart wisdom and spiritual guidance.

Body, mind and soul connection through sacred touch, energy healing, heart wisdom and spiritual guidance.

What it’s like to work with me

“Working with Linda has helped me on so many different levels. Having worked with several coaches over the years, I wasn’t able to comprehend the depth of Linda’s power as a Transformational & Wellbeing Specialist. Her specialty goes far beyond anything a coach can offer. She “sees” you and listens in a way that I have never been heard before.”

Natalie Kessell
Founder & Formulator, Pink Hibiscus

“Your capacity to capture and conceptualise what I say in relation to my business is extremely powerful and really valuable. You offer a clarity that speeds up my comprehension of what my business means, and why I do what I do.”

Margaret Rollings
Naturopath, Integrated Health Solutions

“I absolutely recommend Linda. She has a wide range of knowledge, experience and skills which she provides in a warm caring and safe way that made me feel safe to both unburden myself, and step outside my usual health comfort zone to seek solutions for my problems. I’m so pleased I was recommended to you as I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of connecting with a healer like yourself otherwise. Your own feminine and spiritual strength resonates very strongly, even through online sessions, and that was such a powerful thing for me to experience. Thank You!”

Consultant, Wellington NZ

“Linda is the most amazing healer! Her energy is balanced and peaceful. I especially love her meditations. Every time I join her for meditation, I go on a wonderful inner journey and come back feeling balanced and refreshed. She seems to know exactly what I’m needing to hear and I feel like her meditations are tailored to me! I’d highly recommend Linda.”

Adaire Palmer
Social Media with Adaire

“You have a gift. I am so glad I found you.”

Ali McKelvie

“Linda is the calming influence you need when your life’s journey has turned on its head. She listens beyond listening and accesses her vast array of healing modalities, visualisations and coaching tools to guide you to a place of peace. It’s no one session wonder yet if you commit to your own healing – the journey with Linda is worth 100x what you invest in yourself. It’s just divine magic x"

South Australia

“Truly a beautiful soul working in a human capacity to heal.”

Linda Oakford
Mindfulness Holistic Counsellor, Symmetry Australia

“Linda provides a wonderful service. Authentic and caring for the needs of her clients.”

Michelle Hanton
Business Mentor, Dragon Sisters

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