3D to 5D: the paradigm shift we’re in

by | Jul 20, 2023 | Ascension, Spiritual development

The thought of the whole of humanity, the planet earth and everything on it suddenly shifting from 3D to 5D can be unsettling—and for some it’s the source of nightmares and catastrophe movies!

When you think about it too much, it can really do your head in. There are so many nuances and complexities; different schools of thought, levels of understanding, acceptance, and some misapprehension; as well as plenty of apprehension, skepticism and disbelief.

One of the schools of thought that I find particularly interesting is the idea that the old must break down to make way for the new. All our systems, and everything that makes our way of living the hallmark of 3D existence must fall apart so the new earth cna rise from the rubble.


But, is that actually the case?

It feels to me like 3D thinking!

I mean, do we really have to break the old to get to the new?

What if all it took was a change in perspective? What if all you had to do was to live your life as if it already was a 5D experience? What if part of making the transition from 3D to 5D was to do it easily, in flow letting go of fear, conflict and disharmony?


Here’s what I’m thinking:

Gregg Braden shares a story of the time he went to the desert with a medicine man to witness, or even participate in, I can’t honestly remember, a rain dance.

It wasn’t what he was expecting. The medicine man stood quietly on the land in a meditative state for a number of minutes, and then he turned and smiled, said “It is done, let’s go.”, and walked back to the car.

On the drive home Gregg quizzed him about what he’d just witnessed. The grist of the story is this:

The power of the dance resides in not what he was doing, but in what he was feeling.

The magic of the rain dance is to experience reality as if it was already raining—to sink into the senses and bring back body-felt memories of what it is like to stand in the rain, to feel the dust at your feet turn to mud, to smell the rain fresh air moving across the land, to see the land opening and new life springing forth. To be present with the landscape as it is when the rains have come.


That, it seems to me, is the true pathway to 5D.

Yes, we all have to raise our vibrations, continue with spiritual development practices and so on. They are important, vital, a pivotal piece of the puzzle. For to be able to experience 5D reality as though it already exists, we need the skills, developed senses and higher perspective to FEEL that it is so.

A major part of that is letting go of fear.

Particularly the fear that results in the belief that we can only move on after there’s been a near cataclysmic event—nuclear world war, economic collapse, disease, pestilence … Is this really what we need to shift from 3D to 5D consciousness?

That is the old way. We have a history full to overflowing that shows us we have more than enough experience in this type of transformation.

To successfully transition to 5D we need to find a 5D way to do that, don’t you think?


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  1. ShirleyAnn

    Yes, absolutely we need a 5D way! And that way is to BE living a life from the heart filled with love, with a Soul full of joy and a mind full of peace, to breathe and connect with the earth and to know that we are the New Earth Humans we have been waiting for.

    The wait is over, the time is now! You are you.

    You are needed to shine your light doing and being simply YOU each and everyday, whatever that looks like, without a skerik of judgement.

    You are the love, joy and peace you’ve been seeking…


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