When I was in my early 40s I soothed myself with this thought: 50 is the new 20. It was purely a comfort thing. The whole idea of passing that milestone of half a century really had me in a spin.

Then, as I entered my late 40s a friend of mine called herself middle-aged! That rocked me back on my heels. I am a little older than her. So, if she’s middle-aged, then what am I? Oh crap! Middle-aged-ER? No way.

Middle-aged? No way, 50 is the new 20

I didn’t then, and I still don’t, consider myself middle-aged. That is such a “beige” way of thinking and relegates you to the discard pile. Calling someone middle-aged in our society, is the equivalent of saying you’ve passed your use-by-date. Your opinions don’t matter, your knowledge is out-dated; essentially you’re irrelevant.

I admit, once upon a time I subscribed to the idea that 50 is the new 20.

50 is the new 20 - or is it?

50 is the new 20 – or is it?

Something odd happened when I turned 49. As the final year of forty-dom flashed by, and that anniversary drew near, the idea of turning 50 magically transformed from something to be downplayed and skipped over, to something to be honoured and fully owned.


Turning 50 is a milestone to celebrate

I am a 50 year old woman and, damn, that is something! In the 50 years on the planet so far, I have met some wonderful people, been to some beautiful places. I’ve fallen in love, and out of it again, been swept off my feet, and buried in the “depths of despair” (thank you Anne of Green Gables). I’ve also found the love of my life, connected to my life purpose and given birth to 4 incredible daughters! I am proud of my 50 years.

To give credit where it’s due, Dr Christiane Northrup, in her book ‘Goddesses Never Age”, clearly articulates the mindset shift every woman needs to experience. Menopause, turning 50, 60, or whatever, is not your automatic pass to the discard pile. Rather, this is your opportunity to reclaim the power of the Crone, to embrace your wisdom years and embody the Agelessness of the Goddess.

So I am!

There is so much more richness in being a fully embodied Goddess at the age of 50 (and beyond) than I ever experienced in my 20s. I would not swap places. Although, if I got the chance, I’d reclaim my 20-year-old knees. 😉


3 reasons why 50 is the new 20 – not!

If that doesn’t convince you, here are 3 solid reasons why I am proudly claiming my full complement of 50 years and donning the mantle of Wise Woman.

1. The Wise Woman restores balance 

We are not connected to the wisdom of our Elders. We live in a youth culture that worships pop culture and indoctrinates us all with the mindless consumer greed that fuels the rich and powerful in the Western world.

Age and wisdom improve our understanding, change our perspective and allow us to see through so many of the false premises our modern society is based on.

Claiming your place as a Wise Woman is not just necessary for your own sanity and personal fulfilment, it is vital for humanity’s sanity and true potential. Step up, claim your power and help restore some wisdom and sanity to our culture!

2. The Ageless Goddess is needed

Just as wisdom and aging are reviled in our culture, the deep, mysterious nature of the Divine Feminine is also undermined, and has been suppressed for centuries. As a result, our society out of balance and the world’s stores of both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies are depleted.

Without dark, there can be no light. Without nurture we have no nourishment. Without Goddess we have no God. Embody the energy of the Ageless Goddess and help restore balance. We need the Mohter’s heaing energies NOW, to heal the damaged masculine energy that is destroying our world. Let’s free ourselves from dominator energy and restore the dynamic Yin-Yang balance of Divine flow.

3. We are the models for the next generation

I want my daughters to be honoured and respected in every stage of their journey on this planet. I want each of our daughters and sons to experience the fullness of their being and to be able to express their inner truth. To add their dance of delight to our beautiful plane of existence.

To do this, I want the next generation to see us laughing, dancing, learning, living and experiencing the full depths of our potential for each and every year we have here on the Earth. Show them that there is more to life than being 20 and having a flashy car and the most up to date iGadget-bluetooth-miniphone-consciousness-zapping-techtoy.

By stepping into your wisdom, reclaiming the power of the Wise Woman and embodying Goddess energy until your dying day, you will be doing the most wonderful healing for yourslef, Planet Earth – and humanity – that you could possibly imagine.

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