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Transformation & Wellbeing

​Meditation in pictures

By Linda Emslie on 5 December 2016 ​Meditation in pictures

Meditation is a neat way to get in touch with different parts of the body. It’s also a great way to start making connections with your subtle, or energy, body.

​Working with your feet up

By Linda Emslie on 29 November 2016 ​Working with your feet up

If you’re noticing some swelling in the ankles or feet, take some time out and put your feet up. You’ll do yourself and your lymphatic system a great favour.

​3 signs that it’s time to put your feet up

By Linda Emslie on 29 November 2016 ​3 signs that it’s time to put your feet up

Here we are, on the downhill run to Christmas. And for folks living in tropical Darwin it is steamy. It’s like everything we need to get done before Christmas is suddenly 10 times harder, because it feels like we’re in a sauna 24-7.

​How do you talk to the Inner Healer?

By Linda Emslie on 2 November 2016 ​How do you talk to the Inner Healer?

Your body has an incredible capacity to find its way back to balance and harmony. This self-regulating ability occurs naturally in the body all the time. We call it homeostasis, that state of dynamic balance where the internal functions of the body continue at optimum, altering in response to the external environment the body is situated in.

Jabiru landing

By Linda Emslie on 24 October 2016 Jabiru landing

It just hung there: this impossibly huge bird, motionless in the air before me, about two metres above the oval. It fixed in my mind like an oversaturated colour photo: intense blue sky, jewel green grass, dream-like black and white bird.