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Transformation & Wellbeing

​What makes your Heart (Chakra) sing?

By Linda Emslie on 19 April 2017 ​What makes your Heart (Chakra) sing?

Your Heart Chakra is a very special and sacred space. For me, this is the key operating space for daily living, because this is the place of flow, of giving and receiving Divine love. When we are filled with love, healing happens. When our world is full of love, healing happens. Divine love is the vibration that makes the world turn, and it is sadly lacking right now.

​How do you talk to the Inner Healer?

By Linda Emslie on 2 November 2016 ​How do you talk to the Inner Healer?

Your body has an incredible capacity to find its way back to balance and harmony. This self-regulating ability occurs naturally in the body all the time. We call it homeostasis, that state of dynamic balance where the internal functions of the body continue at optimum, altering in response to the external environment the body is situated in.