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Transformation & Wellbeing

​What is the nature of your experience?

By Linda Emslie on 20 August 2018 ​What is the nature of your experience?

At some point along your chakra development journey you start to get an inkling that there’s “more to life than this”. As you work towards mastery of the self-development lessons housed in each energy centre you get an appreciation that you are more than your physical body, and that the world around you is much more intricate and interconnected than you may have realized as a young child.

​The Sandwich Generation

By Linda Emslie on 29 September 2017 ​The Sandwich Generation

Can you remember a time, when as a teenager you felt like you didn’t belong? I’m referring to something a little more than the usual teenage struggle for identity that most of us experinece. At the point of time I’m thinking of there was a lot of talk about the Baby Boomers and the effect they were having on the economy. How their shopping choices were driving demand and market responses.