Hello, I'm Linda Emslie

I’m a Transformation and Wellbeing Specialist, and I love working with people making their way through life’s transitions: transforming pain, confusion, fear or doubt to pain-free movement, clarity and purpose. In particular I have a passion for working with women, who like me, are on the brink of stepping into the realm of (gulp!) Middle Age.

My journey

After running scared from change for most of my life, and seeking security in a sanity- and soul-destroying occupation, I broke free, embraced change, and started living! I stopped listening to my head and instead followed my heart to take up my true purpose as an intuitive healer. I interweave my over-20-years of experience in interpersonal communication with my true calling as a Reiki master and professionally qualified touch therapist.


Why am I here?

My particular focus is working with women at “that time of life”. You know what I mean: that time in your life where all the certainties of the previous 20 years are shifting, changing, or sliding away. Children, menstrual cycle, career, life partners, philosophies, even your long-held perceptions of self are losing substance. You look in the mirror and think:

  • Wow, how did I get here?
  • Where’d the time go?
  • Who am I now?
  • What’s next?
  • Is this all there is?
  • And who swapped my body for this old woman’s vehicle I now inhabit? Ouch! That sux!

It is my passion to help women like this come to a place of self-recognition, where they can honour the power of the Wise Woman, and transition from a place of physical or emotional pain and self-doubt to a world of abundance and connectedness.

My story

Watch a short video, introduced by Dee Waterson from IgniteYourself, where I speak a little about Lovlali and the passion I have for helping people to transform their lives.


A bit about Lovlali and my approach

For nearly 10 years I have worked with hundreds of Darwin locals to relieve physical, emotional and spiritual pain. I believe in the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Given the right information and supportive environment the body’s ability to self-correct is unsurpassed.

I also believe there’s more to this world than meets the eye: that our ability to connect, inspire and create is Divine and magical. All we need to do is notice, make space and rediscover the joy of being alive. To love, laugh, live!

Transformation and wellbeing are inextricably intertwined

We need to fall in love with change and welcome it into our lives with open arms. Bunkering down and hoping change won’t choose us is a tedious, often painful, way to die.

I’ve lived it. I know how numb, dull and utterly bleak it can be when you are stuck and in pain. I don’t want that life ever again and it is my life purpose to help as many people as I can come to that realisation too. Whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual restriction I aim to guide, support, even direct if necessary, to help you break free!

Be open to the excitement of change. Excitement is the flip-side of fear – a mere change of perception away.

I'm here to help

I work with the body, emotions and the spirit to shift deep seated resistance to change in my client's lives.