Reiki and chronic illness

Receiving is easy, gentle, non-invasive and soothes body, mind and soul

Reiki is a gift!

Renowned for relieving pain and tension, Reiki is a beautiful, non-invasive support for any illness and complements both western medicine and other alternative therapies.

Reiki flows to exactly where healing is needed in body, mind and spirit, for the highest good of all, and doesn’t interfere with any other treatment protocols you may already be working with. This is particularly important when you are dealing with complex health concerns. Reiki supports your body’s natural healing process and enables you to better receive the healing benefit offered by your treatment protocol.

Healing with Reiki requires only your time and willingness to receive. There are no herbs or supplements required. You don’t have to disrobe, and you can even receive Reiki in the comfort and safety of your own home via distant healing. Read more about how Reiki works, here.

Reiki is a wonderful support for recovering from stress, overwhelm and burnout, and is recognised around the world for its value in cancer care, palliative care, and managing anxiety and depression, grief, chronic illness and pain.

Best of all, it is a gift that you can learn Reiki so you can easily access the benefits of Reiki every day!

Reiki sessions

Graphic for Pure Reiki session

Pure Reiki

75 mins | $150

Immerse yourself in the flow of Universal Life Force Energy and receive all that is needed for healing in body, mind and spirit.

Graphic for Reiki Plus session

Reiki Plus

90 mins | $195

Surrender to the harmonising and restorative Reiki light. Cleanse, clear and rebalance your chakras and aura.

Graphic for Distant Reiki session.

Distant Reiki

75 mins | $150

Dial into Universal Life Force energy and receive everything you need. Heal, rest and restore in the comfort of your own home.

What to expect …

Your healing starts the minute you arrive and the session opens with an invitation to breathe and come home to the moment.

Leave all the bustle, hurry, worry and stress outside the door and collect every aspect of your being into the Now.

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll complete an intake questionnaire and then we’ll have a short conversation. I’ll ask you some questions like:

  • How are you feeling?
  • What’s brought you here today?
  • What do you want to achieve from your session?
  • Is there anything, in particular, you’d like to focus on?

Then you’re invited to lie down on the table and we begin.

Your session may include:

  • clearing the energy field around the body (aura)
  • cleansing and balancing the energy centres of the body (chakras),
  • my hands placed on different positions on your body in line with the flow of Reiki.

Some practitioners like to incorporate crystals, essential oils, and colour therapy, in their sessions. I occasionally include crystals when called to, but more often than not I work solely with the energy, Reiki symbols and guided visualisation.

At every step your comfort is the highest priority.


“You have a gift.
I am so glad I found you.”

Ali McKelvie, Freedomologist

Ali McKelvie Freedomologist


“She beautifully balances the needs of my body, mind and spirit.”

I have worked with Linda for a number of years and value her treatments immensely.  She has supported me with her holistic approach in managing long term back and knee pain, as well as offering deep emotional and spiritual support and treatment.

Her ability to read my body so well means that I can fully trust her and allow myself to receive her medicine/therapy. 

I enjoy and value all aspects of her work, the energy work and the body work.

 I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her for assistance in all of your health needs, give it a go, it’s spiritual healing, it’s physical healing, it’s all of it, it’s wonderful!

L Williams


“Truly a beautiful soul working in a human capacity to heal.”

Linda Oakford, Mindfulness Holistic Counsellor, Symmetry Australia

Linda Oakford
Mindfulness Holistic Counsellor

What’s it like receiving Reiki with Linda?

Most people report experiencing an overall sense of calm and wellbeing during a Reiki healing. You may also experience sensations such as:

  • warmth from my hands
  • gentle vibration or buzzing in some areas of the body
  • a sensation of the body gently rocking
  • a chi-like sensation (the deep, achy, yet almost electric feeling some people notice with acupuncture or acupressure treatments)
  • coolness, like menthol (as you experience using a liniment)
  • seeing images or colours
  • experiencing feelings or emotions

I’m also likely to ask a few questions as the session progresses.

They usually arise from what I observe in your body and how it responds, or what I sense in your energy field.

Linda Emslie channeling Reiki hands-on

Like all Reiki practitioners, I’m a channel or conduit for healing energy, and facilitate the flow of energy to you. As with most energy healers, I’ve developed a sensitivity to the flow of energy, and my intuition has become educated over time to interpret some of the information moving through the energy.

This is another source of the questions that may pop up during your session.

Of course, questions go both ways! If you have questions, or you’re noticing something, or if you’re not comfortable with something, I encourage you to speak up. This is a powerful part of your healing too!

At the conclusion of the healing session, people report a range of different responses to their treatment. Some are highly charged and visibly lighter; others quieter and obviously still processing at some level. The common theme running through all of them though is a feeling of peace, calm and feeling better able to go back into whatever they are dealing with in a balanced and centred way.

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