Sacred Touch and chronic illness

Linda using Sacred Touch with a client

In the meeting place of Spirit, you are witnessed with absolute honour and sanctity.

Sacred Touch is gentle, non-invasive and delivers a potent combination of bodywork, energy healing, self-actualisation, spiritual mentoring and soul light wisdom aligned perfectly with your personal needs.

My approach is based in the philosophy of transcendence for:

  • BODY: by inviting comfort, safety and revitalisation guided by your body’s capacity to change.
  • MIND: by resetting your baseline mood, shifting your perception, and releasing the demon of illusion.
  • SPIRIT: by empowering you to embrace your divine nature.

You’ll be guided into a new level of body-mind-soul connection and invited to embark on a journey even deeper still, to the very depths of your being where your own Soul-light resides.

This is your place of power, connection and healing. By developing a closer relationship with your own Divine nature, the true answers you seek for healing, empowerment and abundance flow through unchecked.

Your medicine is within, alongside all the answers you seek. To access them all that’s needed is space, stillness and acceptance.

Sacred Touch sessions

Graphic for Pure Reiki session

Initial Consult

90 mins | $195

In our first session, we’ll uncover the hidden nuances of the transformation you crave.

We’ll outline clear expectations, identify the key challenges, and map out your personalised cycle of change.

Graphic for Reiki Plus session


75 mins | $150

Sustaining the change you’re committed to making requires perseverance and determination and these follow-up sessions are designed to support you in this commitment.

Graphic for Distant Reiki session.


75 mins | $150

These sessions are designed to monitor and support your progress.

Committed to change? You may be better served by a Feel Better Fast or Integrated Change package.

What to expect …

It’s vital to embark on this particular journey with an initial consultation. We need a full 90 minutes for you to:

  • talk through your medical history
  • get crystal clear on your current needs, desires and intentions
  • heart-storm your priorities, challenges and strategies
  • receive a full treatment aligned with what you need in the moment
  • learn and practice some take-home activities, practices or exercises
  • map out the way ahead

Sacred Touch draws on all my skills and training as a natural therapy practitioner, as well as my practice in yoga, transcendental meditation and mindfulness.

There’s a strong spiritual component to this approach and it’s delivered in grounded practical information, techniques and recommendations.

Sacred Touch can be received both in person and online. The bodywork aspect of healing needed in online sessions is usually addressed by a strong teaching component in self-care and recommendations on other appropriate bodywork modalities to look for in your local area.

All other elements of Sacred Touch are completely transferrable and you will receive rapid upskilling in the arts of heart-storming, truth, discernment and stillness. As well as practical tools such as mindfulness, EFT/Tapping, acupoints, self-care practices and energy hygiene and healing techniques.

The key to Sacred Touch is the inward journey you take towards true healing—soul connection. When you consciously connect to your inner divine light your personal medicine is released.

This is transcendence. The work we do together takes you beyond your current way of being.

You are seen and heard and held in compassion and non-judgement at all times.


I am grateful to be working with Linda and her broad, adaptive knowledge of our body systems.

Each session, Linda adapted to my body’s needs providing support and relief. I have learnt techniques to help me understand my body more deeply.

Thank you Linda.

D McEwen


“Linda provides a wonderful service. Authentic and caring for the needs of her clients.”

Ali McKelvie, Freedomologist

Michelle Hanton
Business Mentor, Dragon Sisters


I’m so pleased I was recommended to you

I absolutely recommend Linda. She has a wide range of knowledge, experience and skills which she provides in a warm caring and safe way that made me feel safe to both unburden myself, and step outside my usual health comfort zone to seek solutions for my problems.

I’m so pleased I was recommended to you as I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of connecting with a healer like yourself otherwise.

Your own feminine and spiritual strength resonates very strongly, even through online sessions, and that was such a powerful thing for me to experience.

Thank You!”

Consultant, Wellington NZ

What does it mean to transcend chronic illness?

It means there’s more going on here than you think. Rather than being a joy-sucking life sentence, your chronic illness is a doorway.

The doorway opens inwards and takes you beyond your current beliefs, limitations and perceptions. The healing you crave, the miracle cure-all you yearn for is here. Just a heartbeat away, resting between the breaths.

The first step is to rebuild your relationship with your body.

When you live with chronic pain or illness, often the last place you want to be is in your body. But when it comes to living with ease and joy with chronic disease, the only place to be is safely and completely in your body.

It sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it?

Yet this is how your true healing truly starts when you understand and accept that your body is where the magic happens.

I know, because I deal with it too. I’ve lived with chronic pain for most of my life. What I’ve learned is, the only way to get lasting change is by going straight through the middle and into the eye of the storm.


More ease and less pain?

Vibrancy and energy?

Clarity and focus?

Predictability and consistency in how your body responds?

A baseline mood that resonates with joy?



Moving beyond your current reality.

Changing your perspective, beliefs and understanding.

Shifting your paradigm from fixed to flow.

Freeing yourself from struggle.

Claiming your birthright to experience life with joy, abundance and personal freedom.

Connecting to your soul light.

Uncovering your Truth.


symbol representing transcendence


Eradicating or overcoming, winning the battle against disease.

Searching for a cure so you can go back to the way things were before.

Radical approaches, prohibitive diets or self-denying protocols.

Putting band-aids on your most urgent pain points.

About fixing you.

Ignoring the unseen dimensions of Self.

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