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​How do you talk to the Inner Healer?

​How do you talk to the Inner Healer?

By Linda Emslie on 2 November 2016
​How do you talk to the Inner Healer?

Your body has an incredible capacity to find its way back to balance and harmony. This self-regulating ability occurs naturally in the body all the time. We call it homeostasis, that state of dynamic balance where the internal functions of the body continue at optimum, altering in response to the external environment the body is situated in.

Over and above this though, given the right information, the body can recover and find its way back to balance when dealing with chronic pain, injury and disease. Admittedly, this ability to self-regulate can be limited, depending on what capacity your body has to change in the face of the challenges it’s dealing with.

There are a number of ways to access the body’s ability to self-correct, usually by receiving some form of therapeutic treatment such as Reiki, Bodywork, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, and Naturopathy to name a few.

But there is also something that you can do to for yourself to help improve or maintain your level of wellbeing. Learn how to connect with your body: the bones and muscles, the organs, tissues and vessels, right down to the very cells that make up your body.

From that connection you have the opportunity to explore some of the factors contributing to the dis-ease in a particular part of the body. There may be physical trauma, stuck emotions, external pathogens, or even patterns of behaviour that keep you trapped in a certain way of being.

So, how do you make this connection?

Meditate! Meditation is a powerful way of connecting with the body and tapping into your own Inner Healer. As you know, meditation is used by many as an integral part of their journey to enlightenment. By quietening the mind and turning within we can attune to our Inner Guru, tapping into clarity and wisdom to better manage our world.

This same technique: turning within and listening, applies as much to your Inner Healer as your Inner Guru. They are, after all, aspects of the same thing: the spark of the Divine within you.

This is a technique I use myself quite often to manage the results of a reckless childhood of falling off horses and out of trees. Of a less reckless young adulthood that did still manage to include a couple of minor and one high-speed, but thankfully not too damaging, car accidents, as well as minor but, boy-do-I-feel-it-now, sporting injuries.

The process of connection is:

  • Quieten the mind through meditation.
  • Get to know your body. Be in it. Feel it and if necessary imagine you can feel some of the less accessible bits, such as the liver for instance.
  • Come to a level of acceptance for what you find.
  • Send your loving attention to the area of your body you want to connect with.
  • Stay in quiet awareness and continue sending loving kindness.
  • Start a “conversation”. Ask questions, and “listen” for the answers.

Establishing connection to parts of the body can be extraordinarily difficult, as we tend to switch off easily from our body. In fact, most people spend most of their days not listening to the body, so mindfully turning to the task of reconnecting can be a big hurdle to overcome.

You may want to start with a meditative form of exercise such as yoga, tai chi or chi gung. Choose a style that pays particular attention to alignment and position so that you really connect with how your body feels and which bits do what to make it move a certain way. Set the intent that a part of your learning is to come in to relationship again with your body, the way you were when you were very young, just a toddler.

It’s then a very natural progression to take the learning from these practices, which teach you breath-awareness and how to track the flow of energy through your body, to something deeper and tailored to your needs through meditation.