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​How to deal with stuck energy

​How to deal with stuck energy

By Linda Emslie on 1 July 2018
​How to deal with stuck energy

The answer, of course is surprisingly simple – move! When energy is stuck, when emotions are stuck, when thought processes are stuck, when your physical body feels stuck, the easiest most beneficial thing you can do is to move!

Of course, you may need to choose the type of movement with care, particularly if you are nurturing your physical body through recovery of injury or illness, or chronic stress. But the solution for all forms of blockages is, essentially, the same. Just move.

Allow your body to move gently or vigorously, as suits your need and temperament. It could be as easy as switching on some irresistible music and allowing your body to be enticed by the rhythm to express your inner desire to be a creature of action.

It could be you prefer to get the blood pumping with some active team sport, running or workout that really tests your physical limits. Or maybe you prefer the more introspective forms of movement that consciously connect breath and mind to body. Whatever your preference, moving is guaranteed to get stuck energy moving.

Sometimes though, the “stuckness” is not just in the energy of the body, it is in the energy around you. Your life may feel like it’s on pause or repeat. Or there could be a sense of stagnation, resignation, frustration or even hopelessness.

Again, the remedy here is movement: movement of a slightly different nature. At the micro level it can be as subtle as changing your mind. Making a clear decision and then putting action steps in place to see that decision come to fruition.

At the macro level it could be big, bold, and scary and have repercussions for those around you, such as:

  • changing jobs
  • moving house
  • moving interstate
  • changing your business model
  • leaving a relationship
  • starting a relationship

Whatever form your movement takes you will start noticing the effects immediately. With movement of the energy within and around your body, mind and moods you’ll quickly experience a change in the energy flow, a difference in your thought patterns and emotional states.

And at the macro level, you’ll experience the rush of fear/excitement that big change brings. It’s very much like the rush of blood and chi through your body that clears stagnation, toxins and old blood, and allows clear energy, new blood, oxygen and life force to move throughout your entire being.
Big, bold change has that effect on the “stuckness” you feel in life too. Light, movement, possibilities suddenly flow into your space.

So, if you’re feeling stuck, in a rut, in a routine, or frustrated that things are not moving the way you want, decide what you can change. When you’ve made that decision take a deep breath, roll up your sleeves and get your skates on. It’s very likely that the dam will burst and your swirling energy flow will draw many new opportunities your way!