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​How to work with an affirmation

​How to work with an affirmation

By Linda Emslie on 11 October 2016
​How to work with an affirmation

An affirmation is really just a repetitive thought or phrase that you have carefully crafted to carry your intent out into the Universe, so that the change you desire can be brought forth.

The secret to working with an affirmation is to be really clear about the intent you are supporting. Choose words that are meaningful to you. Use positive phrasing and write your affirmation in the present tense.

This is important for 2 reasons:

  1. There is no time like the present! (Maybe this should read, there is no time but the present).
  2. Your subconscious mind will create whatever you want when you ask for it!

So if you keep affirming that one day you’ll get the job of your dreams. Then, that’s just what will happen … one day, because we never get to that place in the future. You want the condition you’re affirming in your life NOW!

It’s also imperative to ask for the condition you want; rather than asking to not receive the negative of that condition. What I mean is, if, for instance, you have a fear of not having enough income to cover you bills, the last thing you want to attract is ongoing lack. So phrasing a repetitive thought along the lines of, “money is really tight just now, I barely have enough to pay my bills.” is likely to bring about exactly that condition, because that is what you are focussing your intent on.

If the repetitive thought was turned around so that a positive condition was encouraged, it would be transformed into an affirmation and might look something like this –

“I have more than enough money for my needs. I easily pay all my bills and have cash left over for fun and treats.”

Be specific, be positive and be present.

​How to work with an affirmation

So that’s the wording side of things. You now need to work with your affirmation every day, as often as you feel comfortable.

If you have a morning ritual, you might like to include repeating your affirmation out loud 5-6 times as part of your routine. It is good to hear how those words sound in your voice. Infuse your affirmations with joy and say them with open-hearted anticipation and excitement. Sing them even! Your words, your voice all carry incredible energetic power. Use them!

Repeat your affirmation to yourself whenever you think of it during the day. I also like to use my affirmation whenever I catch myself engaging in any form of negative self-talk, particularly if it is relevant to the affirmation.

Write your affirmation on notepaper and stick them up in places that often catch your eye, or that you visit frequently – like your office, the bathroom, on the fridge door, on the bathroom mirror, somewhere on your desk, and so on.

Use your affirmation to remind yourself, repeatedly, of the change this affirmation is drawing toward you. And as you remind yourself you reaffirm to the Universe that this is something you want to attain, right now.

What have you used affirmations for and how have they worked for you?

Here are some of my favourites:

  • Life is easy, and I am saying yes to life.
  • I have all the time I need to complete the things I need to do today.
  • My needs are acknowledged and respected and those closest to me honour my personal boundaries.