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​In the light of the summer sun

​In the light of the summer sun

By Linda Emslie on 26 March 2017
​In the light of the summer sun

As you stand under the full light of the summer sun all shadows fall away and the true essence of you is revealed in all its glory.

The solar plexus chakra is your centre of personal power. This is the place where you can become familiar with who you are deep down inside and allow the truth of that deeper essence to shine forth.

As with all the chakras there is a double-edge to the sense of personal power. For the shy, meek, humble introverted types, the development opportunities you move through as you connect with and harmonise the solar plexus chakra teach you about inner strength, inner truth and finding the way to be the “real” you. This is where you learn to stand up for yourself.

This can be a real challenge particularly if it throws you into conflict with some of the learnings of the first two chakras, in so far as the real you may contravene the dictates of cultural norms or family expectations.

The flip side of that is for people with an excess of personal power: perhaps those who are more forceful, have a tendency to railroad, “it’s my way or the highway” types; the solar plexus offers lessons in more balanced expression of personal power. This is the centre where we are offered lessons on developing willpower and learning how to express our will in a healthy manner.

The Sanskrit name for the solar plexus is Manipura which means lustrous gem. This gives you a clue as to the forces at play here and some of the other qualities associated with this energy centre. The element connected to the solar plexus chakra is fire. And so here we see the depth and complexity of the chakra system come in to play. Here are some of the threads that intertwine their meaning through this centre:

  • Fire as purifier:
    Fire is known for its cleansing properties. Think of the effect of bushfires raging through, burning away the overgrowth to leave a clear, fresh starting point for new growth. The location of the solar plexus chakra in relation to the physical body connects it to stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas, and gall bladder. The organs primarily involved with digestion, detoxification and sugar regulation.
  • Energy distribution:
    The solar plexus is located approximately over the physical stomach. It governs the distribution of energy through your energy body in much the same way as your stomach plays a major role in fuelling the physical body by starting the conversion of food to nutrients and energy to be delivered to every cell. Our bodies are energised in this region at both the physical and energetic levels.
  • Alchemy and the creation of precious gems:
    The process of applying heat and pressure to ordinary carbon, for example, to produce a precious diamond, is a great an analogy for the type of work required to master your personal power: i.e., the process of unearthing and transmuting and purifying your true self.
  • Self-development:
    Our growth in this energy centre approximates the development stages of a child moving through the terrible twos up to around age four. Don’t be surprised if you see the resurgence of your wilful child as you work to harmonise this part of your system! You are learning your true identity and establishing new boundaries.

What are some of the signs that this centre is out of balance?

  • Emotionally: the extremes of esteem: low self-esteem or lack of confidence, to over confident and overbearing.
  • Physically: digestive issues, liver imbalance, rib pain, mid to low back pain or stiffness.

According to Anodea Judith[1], “Waking up the third chakra is about igniting your internal fire, strengthening your will, and applying all that to a purpose. It comes from getting the body moving, overcoming inertia, and directing the energy within you toward a goal.”

[1] Anodea Judith is an American author who has written a number of books about the chakra system. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of Yoga and Psychology to the interpretation of the chakra system for our Western lifestyle.