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​Meditation in pictures

​Meditation in pictures

By Linda Emslie on 5 December 2016
​Meditation in pictures

Meditation is a neat way to get in touch with different parts of the body. It’s also a great way to start making connections with your subtle, or energy, body.

Guided visualisation works really well for this. By engaging your imagination you can start to make contact with the unseen realm, the part of you that lies beyond our limited range of the colour spectrum.

People often feel they can’t work with this form of meditation, because they’re not particularly visual. And it’s true, not everyone sees in pictures. Sometimes what you’re “seeing” is actually a feeling, a sense of knowing. Or you may experience colours, symbols or patterns rather than an easily identifiable image. That’s ok. This is your personal vocabulary. The more you practice, the more you’ll develop an understanding of what colours, symbols, patterns or pictures mean for you.

A great starting point is working with Guided visualisation and your chakra system. As you may be aware, chakras are energy centres that connect in with your physical body.

So this type of work keeps you connected with your body and helps you feel what you’re “seeing”. You also have the added bonus of learning a very valuable skill: cleansing and balancing your own chakras.

There are a number of different chakra systems attached to different esoteric traditions. The system I work with, and which seems to be the one most readily recognised by most, is the Hindu system.

In this system we work with 7 main chakras aligned down the centre of the body. There are other chakras within this system, but the 7 central ones are the ones we most often connect with and think of when people start talking about chakras.

These centres rise from the Root chakra located at the base of your spine, to the Crown chakra at the top of your head, ranging through the colours of the rainbow, from red at the bottom to violet at the top.

This gives a really tangible way to start “picturing” in our minds, using relevant colours to associate with areas of the body as we start to develop a relationship with the corresponding energy centres in those areas.

So as you learn how different colours “look” to you in meditation, you also start to learn how your body feels. And as you start to make the connection between body part and colour, the energy connection magically kicks in, and you are underway to developing a whole new relationship with your subtle, energy body.

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