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​Money doesn’t grow on trees: it appears in the desert

​Money doesn’t grow on trees: it appears in the desert

By Linda Emslie on 11 September 2017
​Money doesn’t grow on trees: it appears in the desert

There’s a lot of talk at the moment about manifesting money and how to use the Law of Attraction to call all the money you need to you right now.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But how do you actually do it?

I was listening to a talk Gregg Braden[1] gave a while ago about human evolution, consciousness and the whole she-bang, and he related a story about how he was invited by his friend to do a rain dance.

His Native American friend, who was also the shaman of his tribe, invited Gregg to accompany him into the desert of New Mexico to perform this dance, to break the drought they were experiencing. So they went out to the desert, to a sacred place, to do this rain dance.

When they arrived at the appointed place, Gregg watched as his friend positioned himself just so, and, standing calmly, closed his eyes …

… And stood there in silence.

Gregg also stood, in respectful silence waiting for his friend to finish praying and start the dance. After a few minutes Gregg’s friend opened his eyes and started making his way back to the car.

Gregg asked: “So, when do we do the dance? Are we going somewhere else to do it?

His friend replied, “Oh no. It is done. I have danced the rain into this plane of reality.” (Or words to that effect).

Gregg tells us he was baffled. “But, there was no dance. All you did was stand there with your eyes closed.”

No, his friend replied. “I gave thanks for the rain that is already here. I felt the rain drops on my body, felt the dirt beneath my feet turn to mud. I smelt the sweetness of the air as the rain began to fall. I heard the sound of the rain moving across the desert towards me then the noise it made as it fell around me. I felt the life in the Earth stir in response to the rain. It is done. Thank you for your company.”

When I heard that story, that’s when I really started to truly comprehend the Law of Attraction. When you can experience in your body what it feels like to already have what you’re asking for, then the Law of Attraction becomes a prayer of thanks rather than a plea, or a bargain or a mantra for something you don’t.

Great! But how does this translate in to manifesting money?

Well, the same principles apply. You need to be experiencing your life right now as though you already have what it is you seek. Saying affirmations, or trying to establish vibrations of abundance when you are feeling lack in the pit of your stomach are not enough. You need to address the source of discomfort in your being so that your attention and intention can be unified and focused on what you want to draw towards you. It’s about coming into alignment or coherence; of trusting that what you are putting out there is actually what you want to be receiving in return.

Here are 3 practical steps you can take right now to align your intention and your vibrations.

  1. Nurture your root chakra

    Our sense of monetary lack is often intimately entwined with our most basic survival needs. We feel it so strongly because we perceive the lack of money as an imminent threat to our immediate safety -- what if I can’t pay the bills? What if I don’t have enough for rent? Do I have enough to put food on the table?

    The root chakra is the energy centre that deals with our basic survival needs: food, shelter, a place of belonging: that quality of being safe, protected and nourished. The fear of not enough money is intimately entwined with the threat to safety.

    To restore your root chakra, try:

    Visualising yourself as a tree sending great roots deep into the earth. These roots anchor you, keeping you safe in the place you belong. They draw energy and nutrients from deep in the earth, feeding you keeping you strong.

    Vocalising: affirmations such as “I am safe”, “All my needs are already met.”

  2. Live in the moment

    Money worry is a direct correlation to the fear of not enough money. We worry about what will happen if we can’t pay our bills. What if I don’t earn enough to buy food this week? When you feel this spinning out of control, bring yourself right back to the present moment and breathe. Here in this present moment I am safe. Right now, I have everything I need. In this moment, all is well. Stay present, stay in the moment. Quarantine yourself from money worry.

    The same goes for regretting money choices in the past. There’s no use in beating yourself up now for decisions made then. You have only the present moment to do anything with. So stay here, in the present. Give it your full attention. You deserve it.

  3. Do an abundance audit.

    Take stock of what you actually have in your life. Broaden your horizons and open your mind to how good life here in Australia actually is for most of us. We have clean water, food is readily available, we are at peace, life is generally, on the whole, good.

As you work with these three basic steps you will start to experience a sense of solidness and groundedness and an innate sense that you are OK. It is in this frame of reference that your intention to manifest money will have more chance of succeeding. You are focussing on all the good in your life, and drawing more of that goodness towards you.

Moving out of a “lack” vibration takes commitment but as you experience the expansiveness that comes with knowing you are ok, it gets easier. And from there the step to manifesting your money needs becomes even easier.

Here’s a bonus tip for you.

4. Be grateful

Noting all the things you have to be grateful for is the antidote to lack. Even if the only thing you can see to be grateful for at the start is waking up in the morning. You are alive, breathing and on the brink of your next better choice!

[1] Gregg Braden, author of a number of books including “The God Code”, “The Turning Point”, “Divine Matrix”, and “Human by Design”, is described as a problem-solver and dedicates his time to bridging the divide between Science and Spirituality.