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​Ruby Red is for Grounding

​Ruby Red is for Grounding

By Linda Emslie on 17 March 2017
​Ruby Red is for Grounding
Ruby red is the colour that beats at the Mother’s heart.

The Sanskrit name for the Root (or base) chakra is Mulhadara, which literally means root support. The colour often associated with this centre is red.

The root chakra resonates at the lowest frequency and is therefore associated with the lower (denser) end of the light spectrum, red.

It is the centre of being present: “I am alive now in the physical realm” and relates to our physical survival. It is in this centre that we learn our sense of family and belonging, of being part of the “tribe”, where we are embedded and cared for.

At this stage of consciousness development, we are very much like the “newborn child”, identifying ourselves as one with the parent/family/tribe and solely focussed on self-preservation. With our sense of security firmly rooted in the Earth we are able to continue a balanced and harmonious progression through subsequent levels of self-realisation.

As you have probably guessed the element related to Mulhadara is Earth. This connotes a sense of being on solid ground; having a sound foundation; of having all needs provided for. Within this context you can begin to understand how events such as the following can cause significant impact to our wellbeing.

  • Relocations (moving home once, twice or numerous times)
  • Job loss or change
  • Inflation
  • Rent rises
  • Moving out of the family home
  • Changes in relationships or marital status
  • Disharmony within the family

The Root Chakra governs the lower half of the body including the legs, eliminatory system, and tailbone, and more broadly all bones in accordance with its elemental Earth nature.

As a result, disharmony in this centre can manifest in the physical and emotional bodies in a number of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Kidney or urinary tract infections
  • Ankle, Knee or hip instability or injury
  • Feelings of ungroundedness, or of not wanting to be a part of this world
  • Feeling unsafe, threatened
  • Worry about income and bills

And so on.

Here are 4 action steps you can take if you experience any of these symptoms

  1. Get connected with your Root chakra
  2. Meditate daily to develop the skill of being in the present moment
  3. Walk barefoot on the Earth to reinforce your physical connection and take strength from our beautiful world.
  4. Take the required action in your physical world to address, as best you can, the things that are causing you to “fear for your safety”.