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​Super tide of the full moon

​Super tide of the full moon

By Linda Emslie on 19 February 2019
​Super tide of the full moon

I awoke this morning feeling heavy, listless. Almost as though I was coming down with something.

It felt strange. I normally have little sleep in the days leading up to a full moon, and yet I usually feel light, buoyed up in this phase of the lunar cycle.

Today is different though. I think it’s the powerful energy of the Super full moon stirring up the sediment from deep down. The tidal effect of the moon is drawing down through the waters of my body, sifting through the eons, dredging up ancient grief.

If you are feeling a little off today as well, it could be the moon.

With your body comprised of 60-70% water, the luminous moon is certain to have an effect on you, magnetizing your internal tides to dance to her imperious rhythm.

So even though we are in a period of heightened energies, with a sense of busy-ness and opportunities opening up all around, there is this need to move with the tide of the moon.

Acknowledge exactly where your personal tidal marker is set. If you are feeling full of heightened energy ready to move things ahead in leaps and bounds, go for it. If on the other hand, you’ve woken a little bit like me, here are three tips to help you regain a sense of equilibrium.

  1. Allow your energy flow to be what it is and let go of what you think it “should” be.
  2. Identify what it is that is being stirred for you, and check in as to whether this is “your stuff”, or whether it is something else.
    For me it was grief, but not my own personal grief. This felt more like the residue of centuries old grief. Like the empty echo of an anguished cry on a far distant winter night. Unheard, unanswered.
  3. Locate where in your body you feeling this sensation and release it.
    Bring your awareness to it and listen, then move that sensation through your body and out so you can be at peace, and more in pace with the day as you would like to be.
    This morning I recognized that what I was experiencing wasn’t mine. Rather it was an echo stored in the waters of my body, anchored in my lower abdomen. Breathing, toning and a gentle swaying movement of the hips, set it free and moved it out of my body.

Giving voice to this echo of ancient grief help moved the heaviness of this morning’s energy, and I can feel the ripples of it washing back through the tides of time to acknowledge that lonely cry of long ago.