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​The pros and cons of self-care

​The pros and cons of self-care

By Linda Emslie on 6 September 2017
​The pros and cons of self-care

This year is my self-proclaimed year of extreme self-care. Why? Because I spent too much time last year running on empty, not putting myself first, and thinking that because I was a healer and working providing a service to others that I was somehow exempt from putting into practice what I preach!

Well, Spirit made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that true service starts with Self!

And it is a lesson that I am still preaching AND practising.

The pros and cons of putting yourself first are many and varied. And I’m sure you have experienced a range of different things yourself as you’ve striven for balance and harmony in your world.

One of my biggest areas of learning this year has been about boundaries. Not so much about saying “yes” or “no” to activities, people or situations. It has been more along the lines of being completely guided by my gut and making decisions that nurture my instinct and intuition, rather than doing what is “socially acceptable” despite what my inner guru is saying. Yes, I have been guilty of that one for a while now!

Some interesting things have come about because I honoured my own boundaries; made decisions based on what I was truly able to manage at particular times; stood firmly in defence of my own inner resources; and, to put it bluntly, called bullshit when necessary.

On the pro side of being this clear with myself – my inner guru is quite chipper! My instinct and intuition love the fact that their guidance is being heard and followed. Wow. Major break through.

On the con side of the scales are things that I didn’t expect. Even though these things are external I wasn’t quite prepared for the repercussions of saying “yes” to self and “no” to others was going to have.

Some of these include having labels such as elitist, aloof and distant applied. Well, I guess withdrawing from situations can be viewed that way. Even when the only reason for non-participation is “I’ve just run out of puff. There is nothing left in the tank right now. I just need some space and some time out.”

So, what am I trying to say here? Only this: despite what other people think or how they react to your decision to put yourself first, the fact that you choose to honour yourself is vital. It is important. It is not to be under-rated or left undone because it is somehow socially unacceptable for you to be unavailable on all the usual levels.

Be true to your needs. Honour and respect those around you. Don’t buy in to any drama that may arise from your decision to put yourself first. The best that you can do is to ensure your cup is brimming, so that you can give from the place of deepest, unconditional love when you are ready to face the world again.