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​Three surprising reasons why making the right connections is an act of Self-care.

​Three surprising reasons why making the right connections is an act of Self-care.

By Linda Emslie on 23 February 2017
​Three surprising reasons why making the right connections is an act of Self-care.

Having moved from pillar to post as a kid (my dad was in the army, so we moved – A LOT!), I have really clear memories of what it feels like to be the outsider always looking. I can remember wanting to be a part of the group, community, tribe, and how difficult it can be to gain acceptance. And I also remember how fulfilling it can be to feel like you are a part of something. Like you have meaning and belong.

It’s a fundamental part of human nature. Don’t get me wrong. I actually am a bit of a loner, and can operate very well in isolation and enjoy my own company. But the joy of connecting with people on the same wavelength, well, what a blast!

Here’s the thing. We are interconnected, anyway. Our energy fields link in and form part of the overall web of connection to all that is. When we feel isolated, or indeed are a part of a group or community that isn’t quite the right fit, our energy body develops dissonance or disharmony that can lead to symptoms and behaviours such as:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Feeling misunderstood
  • Not being able to truly give of ourselves in a way that feels right and comfortable
  • Feeling closed down, withdrawn and even depressed
  • Using “social lubricants” (I’m talking alcohol and drugs here) to smooth the way
  • Conflict, anger and resentment
  • Loss of personal power and opportunities to grow.

As we move through life, we develop an understanding that there are people out there who truly “get” us, and others that we just have to get along with because of the nature of our work, culture, family, and other societal commitments.

There are 3 fundamental reasons why it is vital to seek out the right connections: to “find your tribe” and truly share your inner self.

Heal yourself

When I say “find your tribe” I mean connect with people who share your interests, who stimulate your creativity and curiosity, who value what you bring as person. Being the member of a group that honours you, challenges you to grow and learn, and gives you opportunity for fun, laughter and friendship make it easier and easier to fill your heart space with uplifting emotions and energy. The flow-on effect of more consistent high vibrational energy is improved mental and physiological well-being.

Heal those around you

As you raise your own vibrations, and more naturally operate from a heart-centred space, the people around you benefit from your outflow of gratitude, happiness and love. Your positivity stimulates a similar positivity in those around you. The more frequently you interact with supportive, uplifting and “right” people, the clearer your energy body shines; providing a beautiful model for the energy fields of others around you to align with.

Further to that, researchers at the HeartMath Institute have demonstrated that “…people trained in maintaining states of heart coherence for several minutes could promote coherent states in untrained participants.” That is, a group of people trained in sustaining feelings of love, gratitude, joy etc., influenced the energy fields of the untrained group, stimulating a similar emotional response. This in turn affected the heart rate and other physiological states being measured, so that they adjusted to echo those of the trained group.

Heal the Earth

The same researchers are also investigating the effect of heart coherence on the geomagnetic field of the Earth. It is already established that fluctuations in the Earth’s field affect the physiology and state of mind of people. Researchers at the HeartMath Institute hypothesise that each of us, individually affects the global information field, and that groups of people working from their heart centres generating “… states of care, love and compassion will generate a more coherent field environment that can benefit others and help offset the current planetary-wide discord and incoherence.”

About the HeartMath Institute

The HeartMath Institute was founded in 1991 by Doc Childre, and is a non-profit research and education organisation. The institute has developed a number of bio-feedback techniques and technologies to assist with the management of stress and the associated physiological effects, and enhance resilience.

In its 26 years of operation, HeartMath Institute has contributed to the body of knowledge regarding stress, the power of positive emotions, heart-brain interactions, and the emerging fields of intuition and human energetics.