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​What makes your Heart (Chakra) sing?

​What makes your Heart (Chakra) sing?

By Linda Emslie on 19 April 2017
​What makes your Heart (Chakra) sing?

Your Heart Chakra is a very special and sacred space. For me, this is the key operating space for daily living, because this is the place of flow, of giving and receiving Divine love. When we are filled with love, healing happens. When our world is full of love, healing happens. Divine love is the vibration that makes the world turn, and it is sadly lacking right now.

The Heart Chakra resonates at a beautiful emerald green colour. For me it represents the verdant beauty of our world and I often visualise myself in an exotic garden when I spend time in my heart space.

The element associated with the Heart Chakra is Air, and there is a clear connection between the element and this chakra’s energy frequency. Love is as essential to life as is the very air we breathe! Air also creates expansiveness and spreads to fill any space or container it is in. Allowing the frequency of Divine love to be carried in and out so that it fills all of our internal and external spaces is easy when you see this connection.

The Sanskrit name for the Heart Chakra, Anahata, means unstruck sound. Again, this encapsulates the idea of the this chakra's capabilities of effortless resonance when we allow the flow of Divine love.

So, let me clarify here, what I mean by love, because often there is an aspect of expectation and attachment connected to the way we love one another. When I use the word “love” in the context of the Heart Chakra I encompass the concepts of compassion, gratitude, appreciation, loving kindness. Divine Love is given with no expectation of something in return. The quality of detachment is essential in this case. So the element of neediness, of co-dependency does not have a place in the patterns woven by the heart. We are talking about unconditional love.

The main lesson presented to us in the Heart Chakra is self-acceptance; which also contains some interesting learnings with regard to self-worth. It is very common to feel unworthy of unconditional love, but we are each so worthy and truly loved. It is only our own fear that blocks the flow of this energy into our system. So learning to accept self is the first step.

This equates to the developmental stage of the childhood years of around 4 ½ to 7 years, when we learn to move out of the habit of seeking approval of others as the source of love, to accepting oneself as the source of love.

Learning to love, honour and accept self is the very first step. From there we can open our hearts and let love flow, both in and out.

The Heart Chakra is also often referred to as the bridge because it spans the space between the physical and the spiritual. The Heart Chakra is the linking point between the first three chakras that relate to our physical development and understanding and the upper three chakras that are more involved with spiritual growth and development.

As such it is a place of balance and integration. The lessons of the lower three chakras are distilled in the place of love to help shape our path to spiritual discovery. It is such a beautiful, cohesive system, and you have access to this incredible tool for healing and learning at any time!

Indications that there is an imbalance or block in your heart chakra can show up as:

  • Being “cold-hearted”: unable to express qualities of compassion, gratitude and loving kindness
  • Being “open-hearted” or a “bleeding heart”: giving away too much of self with an expectation of return. There is often a large element of self-deception or inauthenticity involved.
  • Heart or circulatory dysfunctions
  • Lung dysfunction
  • Pain or rigidity in the ribs, or thoracic spine, or both

Often the root cause of our discomfort, disease and disconnection is fear. Love is the anodyne of fear. Where there is love, there is no fear. Open your heart and fill yourself with Divine Love, then share this love with all you meet and clear the fear from our world.

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