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​Will my Shadow Work never end?

​Will my Shadow Work never end?

By Linda Emslie on 7 March 2019
​Will my Shadow Work never end?

I was asked this question recently. It is such a great question. Short answer – no. No, our shadow work will never end. Well, possibly not in this lifetime, at least, but why would you want it to?

The long answer is a bit more complex. There are many threads that tie into this. I will cover this with as much clarity as I can, in a series of four short articles.

Each of us enter this realm with our own specific lessons to learn. We carry with us echoes of other lifetimes either transmitted through our DNA or in the history of the world that travels through the waters of your body. Some of these echoes may be relevant to lessons for this time around!

The Shadow, the Dark Side, those bits of your personality that you don’t particularly like, these are all important. Rather than shy away, ignore them or pretend they don’t exist, there is powerful learning and personal development to be had in embracing your shadow nature. The benefits to doing this include:

  1. Balancing polarities
  2. Tapping in the strength of your shadow aspect
  3. Falling in love with yourself by understanding your true nature
  4. Stepping into the authority of your authentic self

Balancing polarities

I think it’s safe to say that most people are familiar with the Yin and Yang symbol, and the associated meaning of the constant shift and flow of dynamic balance between polar opposites. This beautiful symbol so cleverly encapsulates that concept of bringing our opposites into harmony to achieve one-ness. This is after all part of our Soul evolution pathway.

This is a part of what we do on the pathway to enlightenment. Explore the different aspects of our nature and look to healing, harmonising and balancing the extremes or polarities. For instance, the qualities of masculine and feminine within, the light and dark sides of our personalities, the compliant, obedient child and the rebellious young adult wanting to forge their own path. These are natural parts of our make up and of our maturing.

Denying the existence of one part denies us the opportunity to grow, learn and to reach our full potential. Sitting with the discomfort of the opposites gives you plenty of material to work with. Learning how to anticipate the appearance of the shadow and teaching yourself how to choose between reaction and response are sure steps towards Shadow Mastery.

Next week: Part 2: How to Tap into the strength of your Shadow Aspect