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Dream space

Dream space

By Linda Emslie on 27 December 2017
Dream space

I love this time of year. It gives me opportunity to deeply withdraw and submerge myself in the magic waters of manifestation energy.

Suspended between the old and the new, this space between Christmas and New Year provides a protective buffer; a coccoon-like space that affords perspective on the year just passed -- achievements as well as missed marks -- and a mirage of the year ahead full of plans, projects and possibilities.

This space of transformation calls for deep withdrawal. Deeper than the call of the Black Moon.

It's a space redolent with magic. A place to shed your skin of the past. Moving forward only with the patterns that please you, with a new skin of radiant colours and a very clear mind map of dreams, goals and aspirations to draw you forward into the unknown territory of 2018.

In this space it is time to dream. Dream into reality the shape of your world as it unrolls Anything could happen. It is a place rife with magic and mystery.

It is a space of deep comfort. Of connecting with self and getting in to loving relationship with the you who will bring your manifestation to light in the new year.

Here are 3 things you can do to make the most of this magic space.

  1. Set clear, specific intentions for the year ahead.
  2. Choose what take forward and what to "shed".
  3. Invite your deep, feminine mystique to guide you as you dream your shiny, new year into being.