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Jabiru landing

Jabiru landing

By Linda Emslie on 24 October 2016
Jabiru landing

Image courtesy of Djambalawa

It just hung there: this impossibly huge bird, motionless in the air before me, about two metres above the oval. It fixed in my mind like an oversaturated colour photo: intense blue sky, jewel green grass, dream-like black and white bird.

It must have been riding the softest updraft as I noticed it rising, rising, without a single stir of its wings. Above us both its mate sailed through the air in slow majestic circles. I was struck by the complete lack of urgency or effort displayed by this pair of Jabiru.

My eyes locked on the circling bird, and the hovering dream bird moved beyond my ken.

On the far side of the oval I could see busy work men, heads down, focussed only on the task at hand: chopping down and wood-chipping an old, character-filled tree on the edge of University land.

Above them the circling Jabiru continued its unhurried survey completely oblivious to the ant-like activity below it. While down below the worker ants continued mindlessly with their task, never once looking up, completely ignorant of the miracle of Jabiru landing.

Jabiru’s final circle brought it level with one of the floodlights. It stopped directly above and delicately placed its feet with such sureness, such certainty and no hesitation. The light and bird became one.

This was an encounter I had a few days ago while walking my dog. The images and resonance have stuck with me. So I thought I should share in case Jabiru has a message for you too.

There are so many ways to interpret this. Some of these could be:

  • Stop and appreciate the beauty around you.
  • Don’t take Mother Nature for granted.
  • You don’t often see Jabiru in such an urban setting (the local footy oval!) We’ve had a bad season, the birds are having to come right in to town for food and water this year.

These are quite prosaic. But, you know me; of course I’m looking for the deeper meaning!

Given the timing of this encounter and some of the themes in my life just now, the messages I’m taking away are:

  • Less effort, more discernment: allow the chosen current to carry you.
  • Once chosen, stay focussed, and draw your landing towards you.
  • Follow your chosen direction and don’t let the busy-ness of others pull you off course.
  • Glide above the turbulence. Take the long view and “stick” your landing!

The other name for Jabiru in Australia is the Black-necked Stork. It is a large bird, standing about 1.5m tall and is usually found in wetlands areas.

According to Steven Farmer (author of Animal Spirit Guides), the appearance of Stork heralds the birth into a different expression of yourself. In preparing for this new birth take the opportunity to:

  • Revisit childhood places and memories and experience them with an adult perspective
  • Dedicate some extended and quality time to home and family
  • Awaken some primal energy, through drumming and rattling, and channel it for creative purposes.
  • Seek out and participate in sacred dance.

I might just add some dancing to the mix!