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What’s the meaning of these feathers?

What’s the meaning of these feathers?

By Linda Emslie on 26 March 2019
What’s the meaning of these feathers?

I found these feathers when I was walking the dog this morning. I love getting these little affirming signs from the Universe. But what does it truly mean?

That got me thinking about how people interpret Spirit’s messages. In fact, given our preferences for easy answers, I thought I’d write this quick article about it.

It is so tempting to look at what others say that something means, and leave it at that. To do a google search, or tap into your favourite Spiritual authority and settle for their one-size-fits-all interpretation. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do this, not at all! Because they are so spot on more often than not.

What I am saying is, that’s just the starting point! We have forgotten to allow ourselves to have input too, to tap into the meaning of Spirit’s message that is specifically for us. Who is the expert of you, but you?

So, with these beautiful black and white feathers – which match my gorgeous black and white dog, by the way – I wanted to go beyond the surface. This seems significant to me because I found not one, but two black and white feathers. And they appear to me to be from different birds. If I had to guess I would say Magpie Goose and Pee Wee.

What’s the meaning of these feathers?

I could do a quick google search on spirit meanings of these birds. Or I can sink into my own knowing. What do I know about these birds? What do I know about their habits, behaviours, habitats, breeding cycle? What does my knowledge add to the picture?

When I allow this information to sink into my heart and I sit in stillness, what wisdom is spun like spider-silk to weave a tapestry of Spirit message for me?

Then we can look at the colours -- black and white. What is the significance of these polar opposites? From colour theory we have white being all the colours of the visible light spectrum. When a ray of white light is shone through a prism it splits into all the glorious colours of the rainbow that we know and love.

Whereas black signifies an absence of colour. It is the darkness of nothing that eats light, absorbs all colour.

For me this immediately signifies a powerful Yin-Yang parallel and sends a clear message of the need to balance polarities. To find harmony in dynamic balance.

I could always check in on the meaning of feather colours, if I felt I needed more information. But, given what’s going on in my world right now, this message is clear enough for me. I feel affirmed in what I am doing.

Then of course we can add the significance of the number two. According to John Holland (see I tap in to the smarts of Spiritual authorities!), creator of one of my favourite Oracle Decks, The Psychic Tarot, the number 2 has a basic meaning of “balance, duality, partnership, choices, opposition, reflection, diversity”.

For me this confirms how I’ve chosen to interpret the colours. I think there are other things for me to explore a little more deeply with this too, but for the purposes of this article… I’ll go with what I’ve got so far.

Now, you can see, we are starting to get a richness to this token from Spirit. A multi-layered communication that has broad, general implications for most people, but some deeply specific and significant meaning for me.

I hope you have a fun voyage of discovery with the next gift you receive from Spirit. Feel free to share your experience, if you want!