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What's your approach for this year?

What's your approach for this year?

By Linda Emslie on 8 August 2016
What's your approach for this year?

I returned from a lovely, long, family holiday just 3 short weeks ago feeling revitalised, recharged and ready to dive into the adventure of this new Fire Monkey year.

But how to maintain this level of just-back-from-holidays euphoria and energy?

I set myself a goal, well actually 3 goals rolled into one.

Achieve balance

This is an area I constantly strive at in my world: finding the right balance between work, play, kids, husband and me. It can be exhausting! How to go about it though… I’m a bit processy, so here’s the process I followed:

  • Checked in on last year's effort: The Circle of Life Balance exercise (see image below) quickly showed which areas of my life were getting more than their fair share of my time and energy; and which areas were being neglected.
  • Determined how to make changes: 
It was pretty clear that my circle was not well-rounded. I made some conscious decisions about what my level of responsibility actually is in each area. This helped determine the changes I needed to make.
  • Put steps in place to support these changes: 
From there I’ve been able to put steps in place to empower others to take on appropriate responsibilities; have graciously accepted the help that is available; and established boundaries around the neglected areas so they can grow.

Remain centered

This flows from and through the first part of my goal. For me, this is about remaining true to Self and making decisions using the inner compass to remain clear and steady. This involves:

  • letting go of expectations and outcomes
  • being authentic rather than obligated
  • paying heed to the Universal lessons when they crop up
  • acknowledging that I am a work in progress

Laser focus in the moment

I’m a great one for multi-tasking! But, is that really the best way to get things done? I’ve been slowly coming to the conclusion that for things other than housework this is not the way to go.

Bringing mindfulness practice into every aspect of daily life allows better flow and creativity and full expression of the Inner self. And although this is a work in progress for me, I am noticing the benefits in the” joy” segment of my circle. Staying engaged in each moment and letting go thoughts of the next thing on the list, or the thing I forgot to do last night … opens up the richness of living on this beautiful planet. I’m achieving more and feeling the full satisfaction of a job well done — each time!

Circle of Life Balance

Try this exercise to improve your life balance.

  1. Pick 8 areas of importance in your life.
  2. Mark on the scale of 0-10 how much attention, time or focus you think you give to each of those areas.
  3. Connect the dots! Draw a line connecting each mark to see what areas of your life are dominating your time, attention or focus, and note which areas could do with a boost. Start working to even out the circle so each spect of your life receives equal measure!

What's your approach for this year?