Distant Reiki – you’re kidding me!

by | May 11, 2022 | Healing and Chronic Illness, Reiki

No, I kid you not, distant Reiki is definitely a thing. It sounds a bit weird; a lot woo woo, and just a little bit unbelievable. However, the healing energy you receive through a distant treatment is just as potent and effective as the healing energy you receive in a hands-on session.

Bear with me. I’ll tell you how it happens, why it works, and what you can expect, and I’ll share with you what some of my clients have told me of their experiences on the receiving end.

How does distant Reiki work?

Here’s a beautiful analogy to convey this information clearly – telephones. Or to be precise mobile phones. When you call someone what happens? You dial their number to make a connection, and if they answer, your connection is established. Energy in the form of sound waves, that is, your voices encoded as words, is exchanged.

It’s pretty cool. What’s even cooler, is that this works even though there’s no physical connection. Your conversation is clearly and accurately transmitted.

Distant Reiki operates in a similar way. We make a conscious connection and exchange energy, although it’s Reiki rather than sound waves. But, we do talk too, of course!

Why does it work?

This is the mind-bending bit, and if I was a quantum physics professor, perhaps I’d be able to explain this better. As it is, I’m a Reiki Master, so this understanding comes from lived experience.

Suffice to say, everything is energy. Even the most solid, dense object in your environment is energy vibrating at such a low frequency it appears solid.

Actually, I remember learning this in high school chemistry when we covered molecular structure. We learned that metals have crystalline nature due to the arrangement of their atoms and the strength of the bonds holding them together.

Even so, the atoms vibrate in their positions and have the potential to break free if their bonds are weakened or broken.

In contrast, the atoms in gases aren’t held in rigid bonds and move around quite freely making gases appear insubstantial.

So, as you can see, this idea of even the most solid things being made of energy vibrations isn’t new. However, this next bit; that’s the mind flip.

The second piece of the puzzle involves a trip into the quantum realm into an area Einstein called “spooky action at a distance” or what current researchers refer to as quantum entanglement. Put simply, very, very simply, this means that two subatomic particles can be connected and influence each other, even when they’re separated by vast distances. (This article at space.com provides an easy-to-follow explanation.)

Add a dash of intention to this mix and you have a recipe for distant Reiki.

Does it actually work?

The proof is in the pudding, and from my own experience, I know the benefits I receive from distant healings. My clients also report positive changes from their experience, saying things such as:

“Oh, I can see golden light flooding into the room. It’s filling, the space surrounding me. I know it’s clearing my house.”

“I feel like I’ve just been held by angels. That was really profound. I need to go have a sleep now.”

“I was initially skeptical. I mean, I’ve been to healers in person and the connection hasn’t been that strong. How’s this going to work – over the internet and across the country? I couldn’t have been proven more wrong!”

They also report feeling calm and relaxed, and more at ease with life in general. If physical pain is part of the picture, that’s often a lot less too.

These outcomes line up with those delivered via hands-on Reiki. It’s evidence that Reiki has soothed your nervous system and brought healing to where ever it’s needed.

Distant Reiki - healing at home

Relax and receive in the comfort and safety of your own home.

What you can expect from distant Reiki

Receiving distant Reiki, is the same as receiving in person, it’s just the delivery that’s different. Some of the other processes are the same too. There’s:

  • An intake process so I understand you better.
  • A conversation to get clear about what you need right now.
  • Guided visualisation to help you more consciously connect.
  • Check-ins during your session to see how you’re doing.

You can ask me questions at any point in the process, or share what you’re experiencing if you feel the need to do that. Ultimately, the session is about you. Your needs and comfort are paramount.

How to prepare for treatment

When preparing to receive Reiki make sure you have privacy and you’re comfortable. Set clear boundaries in your space so you won’t be interrupted.

You may also like to:

  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Sit or lie down in a comfortable spot
  • Have water available
  • Have your journal handy (if you want to take note of any insights you receive)
  • Choose whether to connect online via Zoom, or simply over the phone.

When the healing is finished, gift yourself some quiet time and space to let the healing settle in. Rushing out to a party, running around after the kids, or playing sport after a healing session, while not forbidden, is a little counterproductive! ?

You can read more information on receiving Reiki, and after-treatment care here.

How to book a treatment

Simplicity itself! Just follow this link and choose what’s going to work best for you.

If you have questions, let’s talk.


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