3 Steps to Embody the Sacred Feminine in Business

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Feminine business, Spiritual development

As a woman in business, it’s time to change your polarity! It’s the most potent thing you can do right now, and all you have to do is embody the Sacred Feminine in business. Are you ready to change the way you do business? Here are three powerful steps to get you started.

Why do we need the sacred feminine in business?

The truth is, we need the sacred feminine everywhere, not just in business. She’s been calling us to reassess and revise how we live our lives for a long while and business has just opened up as the next conduit ready to receive her healing flow.

As you welcome Her in remember this is part of a bigger picture to restore the Earth’s energies to a harmonious state of dynamic Yin-Yang-like balance. So it’s not about merely replacing masculine with feminine; it’s about inviting the sacred feminine in to stop the pendulum swing AND to heal the masculine restoring its lost divinity. Imagine a world that turns in harmony with a responsive balance of divine masculine and divine feminine energies that have been freed of all toxicity! I, for one, can’t wait.


Sneaky myth or epic lie?

Firstly, let’s remove the blinkers and take a good look at why you may be stuck at the wrong end of the pendulum swing. Basically, it’s due to the perception filters applied at birth and generously supported by familial, cultural and socioeconomic programming. When I ask you to change your polarity, in essence, I’m asking you to change your point of view and then act accordingly. This means identifying where you are unconsciously following the dictates of the toxic masculine business model.

The strongest one is the idea of success and the interpretation that “to have it all I must do it all”. It’s a story I’ve seen repeated in the media, in online forums, and in the stories my clients share with me. I hear it from friends, and I hear it from my own mother and aunts.

It’s a story that shows vivid and scary outcomes in the rising statistics of chronic illness, mental health, and burnout, particularly in women. And it’s the story that’s playing out a deeply ingrained untruth of “not good enough” combined with the subconscious belief that to succeed in a man’s world we have to play the game their way. Right?

Wrong! This is just one of the myths that binds you in place. So firstly, let’s invite truth to rise to the surface by taking your blinkers off. Then, we’ll develop a new set of rules that suit your playing style and empower you to do business your way. By the time you are finished with Step 3, you’ll be well on your way to installing a brand new operating system. One that enables you to effortlessly do business in the only way you’re meant to!

Step 1: Ditch Superwoman and Switch
to Goddess

When it comes down to it, Superwoman can’t hold a candle, or a million-megawatt torch, to the Goddess. Poor Superwoman is a creature of the current construct and as such must exist according to its Laws. As far as she’s concerned, there is only one way to do “it” (life, I guess), and that’s by the existing rules of Western greedonomics.

The Goddess, on the other hand, isn’t bound by Newtonian laws of physics (or any other man-made laws that can’t accommodate the unknown). She’s the source of the unknown and understands that true power resides in the willingness to change.

So, here’s to busting epic lie number one—success, it’s what we live for, strive for, go to work for. This nebulous dream of “success” blinds us to the ever-narrowing tunnel we’re pelting down as we live our lives according to the current socioeconomically acceptable dictates. To take the blinkers off let’s address the little white lies feeding the idea of success:

  • “I have to do it all to have it all”
  • “I can do it all and have it all”
  • “I want this because, well, isn’t it what everybody wants”.

I’ll address the first two here, and save the last one for a conversation another day and content for another blog article. ?

SOS – Save our Selves from having it all

Picture this: a young mum with four kids in the car, ages ranging from 18 months to 10 years, rushing to get to work by 8am. She’s in her daily routine of driving to a job that uses up all of her time from 8am to 4.30pm, five days a week. Her weekends are also timetabled and segmented into taxi runs between various children’s activities, shopping, and the occasional personal appointment.


It’s a job for Superwoman!

As a team leader in her department’s marketing team, it’s incumbent on her to set a good example; to show up on time, be fully present, focused, motivated and responsive to the shifting demands of numerous clients. But she is the only one in her team who has a husband working shifts, and four kids to get to school, pre-school and child-care, by herself without help, at the start of the day. And then in reverse order at the end of the day.

That means all the breakfasts, all the lunches, snacks, homework checked, reading done, nappy bags packed with the right number of bottles, nappies and changes of clothes etc. Making sure the kids are safe and occupied while she ducks in for a quick shower, hair and make-up swizz and a decent looking out fit and shoes – with everyone in the car, with all their accoutrements and dropped off to classrooms, and carers, so that she can walk through the door at work only 10 minutes late, fingers crossed.

She manages this beautifully, seamlessly, day after day, with no-one ever knowing she’s quietly having a breakdown in the car between drop-offs.

The crazy thing is, this is how she thinks it’s supposed to be. This is how we operate: we go to work, have a family, and then continue going to work to pay the bills and to give our children the life we want them to have. That’s what our parents did, so that’s what we should do too, isn’t it? It’s what everyone else is doing, so it must be the only way… right?

Femrepreneurs are trapped too

It’s a story echoed by women forging their own paths as they create businesses and enterprises to provide the income and lifestyle they desire, with the freedom of being their own boss. More often than not, this choice leads to:

  •  even longer hours of work
  • more financial pressure, and
  • less truly enjoyable, quality time as the person they dreamed of becoming.

Superwoman is trapped

It happens this way because our society, in general, accepts that there’s only one way to operate. That is the socio-economic framework that dictates we trade dollars for hours in a standardised ratio of 5 days of work for 2 days of no work. Our children are shunted off to school or child care so parents can focus on the “important” tasks, trading irreplaceable moments of our lives for digits in a virtual bucket in the cloud somewhere. All this so we can exchange these tokens for the conveniently packaged fundamentals of life.

The key to getting ahead (success) is to accumulate as many of these virtual digits as you can, which results in more push, rush, hurry, don’t stop, keep going, eye on the prize. The hustle, the competition, and the technology that now means we are all expected to be switched on 24-7 is so unnatural, so artificial and so destructive.

It’s the epitome of the toxic masculine energy that established the foundations of our paradigm in greed, fear and competition. Hands up – how many of you continue to operate this way because you’re scared you’ll lose the house? Crash and burn and be seen as a “failure”? Our fear locks us in, and general societal greed for all the modern conveniences ensures we very rarely stray out of line.

Superwoman is a fake!

In this scenario, women become more than women. They become superwomen, by virtue of the fact that our feminist predecessors won the right for us to work in the same way as men. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. We deserve that right and I am grateful that those courageous women before me fought so hard for these rights. But we also deserve a level playing field, and that’s something we still don’t have. Let’s face it, the odds are still stacked against us because our basic operating system is not set up to accommodate women who work, particularly if they choose to have children as well, in the same way our male counterparts are supported.

 In fulfilling our feminist forebears’ dreams, our way of life has now actually made it a modern necessity, that to have it all, or even some of it, you have to work – hard! For the majority of us it means doing more than our fair share, and literally becoming all things to all people to keep up with what’s needed. Many women find themselves caught in the trap of “having it all”.

 The great money-making machine that we worship as First World economics sees all life, including human life, purely as fodder to keep the great machine of consumerism firing on all cylinders. I can hear the Lorax weeping as I type!

 We are literally killing ourselves and killing our planet to keep this unsustainable existence on track. In the process we are deluding ourselves, distracting ourselves with speed and busy-ness, so that we don’t see the yawning abyss that we’re accelerating towards.

Embody the Sacred Feminine
What are we teaching the next generation? 

Step 2: Embrace your sacred truth

You are the sacred feminine and you mean business

It’s time to change.  Time to change your inner polarity. Time to change your modus operandi. What I mean by this is put Superwoman to bed. Take off your cape and step out of the red and blue costume that binds you to a way of being that is foreign to your innate nature. Stand in your skin and let yourself breathe. Allow yourself to expand into the glorious fullness of the Goddess within.

You, as a female entrepreneur, are poised to make a significant change to the way we do business. You can usher in the change we desperately need simply by recognising your own power and choosing to do business your way.

Exchanging the toxic masculine polarity for the healing sustenance of your innate feminine polarity means accepting there’s a different way of being, even if you can’t quite see it, or even imagine it, just yet. It means surrendering to the idea that Superwoman is a two-dimensional facsimile and is not a suitable container for the full extent of who you truly are. Reclaiming your Goddess self means acknowledging what you’ve always secretly or unconsciously yearned for – that you are a creature of magic, and that your way of being stands you apart.

“Superwoman is a two-dimensional facsimile and is not a suitable container for the full extent of who you truly are.”

In Goddess power you are magnetic. It’s time to sit in the strength of your stillness to draw what you need to you so you can create the life you want. Pushing, striving, and focusing your attention outwards 100% of the time will deplete you to the point of burn out. It’s time to open your hands, open your heart and receive.

How do you do this, exactly?

“Right!”, I hear you exclaim. “How does that translate to practicalities in a business sense? What do you mean I should just stop and receive?”

Here’s a good starting point – exchange masculine business principles for feminine ones. Learning to operate in alignment with your true nature provides for experiential learning in the art of stillness and receptivity.

Social media showcases these differences beautifully. It’s easy to see two distinct ways of operating developing. The old masculine approach of FOMO (fear of missing out), competition, and hustle, is still very much in evidence. It’s slowly being counterbalanced by the emerging trend of community, cooperation and collaboration as more like-minded women find ways of doing business that aligns with their more feminine ideals of heart-centred business.

How can you bring more of that into your operating principles? How do you want to differentiate the way you do business from the current mode?

 Does it pass the test of truth?

Inviting the Goddess into your business means deepening your trust in Self and learning to run decisions through the filter of heart wisdom. As a starting point, you might like to Google what others have developed as feminine business principles. You can simply adopt those. But if you’re serious about forging a truly feminine way of doing business, you need to pass these principles through the test of truth. Is this my truth? How does this feel for me? Is this in alignment with my heart, my values, my dreams?

Alternatively, you can dive deep into the sacred well of the divine feminine right off the bat and draft your own set of guiding principles for doing business with the feminine.

Let the rhythm of the sacred feminine flow through your business.

Step 3: Embody the Sacred Feminine in Business

This is where you get to chuck the rule book out and start again. Or, if there are parts of the current rule book you particularly like, cherry-pick the best of them and add them into the mix!

How to create your own feminine business principles.

Here are some suggested focus areas and some journaling prompts to get you started. They’re not presented in any order of priority, and you may find they overlap and intertwine. This is a distinctive quality of working from a feminine perspective. There is no particular framework, priority or linear approach. Step out of the box and onto a spiral that will take you both outwards and inwards in a dance of transcendence.

You may notice that the following questions are quite broad. That’s deliberate, as they’re meant to spark exploration beyond the boundaries of your business. That’s also part of the feminine – an embodied understanding that everything is interconnected. There’s no separation between the different parts that make up your life. Let your business principles be guided by that flow too.

4 Focus areas to get you started

Abundance Mindset

  • How am I more than enough?
  • How do I have more than enough?
  • How do I contribute to continuity for seven generations?


  • How do I currently receive?
  • How do I draw my needs to me?
  • How is my inner Truth made apparent? (voice, story, methods and approach)
  • How do I activate the Soul Contracts of those who are meant to work with me?

Together we rise

  • How do I create community?
  • How can collaboration enrich my work?
  • How does cooperation empower my business and others?
  • How is the principle of reciprocity embodied in my world?

Flow don’t force

  • What are my personal rhythms?
  • How does downtime enhance my creativity?
  • How do I navigate upper limits?
  • How am I allowing space for the Universe to co-create with me?
  • When the “answer” isn’t immediately evident, how do I invite it in?

As you move deeper into the flow of the sacred feminine, the more you realise that the linear masculine paradigm is no longer big enough or adaptable enough to be a suitable receptacle for the fullness of you.

There is no one, right way, there is only your way. And your way will ebb and flow, growing to fullness and fading to stillness just like the seasons. Everything has its moment in perfect timing. It is the way of the Goddess.


If you’d like to know how you can bring the sacred feminine into your business, let’s talk! Book your obligation-free consult here.


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