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Here is a selection of things for you to take away and play with. Enjoy!

Here’s a live recording of my heart connection session for the Intuitive: Her Truth summit in 2022.

The session runs for 30 mins.

Starting at your toes and moving up through every cell to the top of your head. Then drink in the light of the sun to energise your body.

10 mins to revitalise and recharge.

Click here to listen.

As your awareness of cosmic consciousness expands, you may begin encountering energetic triggers for your flare-ups!  Download this PDF workbook to find out what sets you off when the usual suspects aren’t at the “party”.


Here is a collection of some of my favourite books and go-to resources.

My favourite people

Here are the people I turn to when I reach a stopping point.

Feel free to reach out to them too. 

Michelle Hanton

Dragon sisters

Bev Roberts

Living Fabulously

Adaire Palmer

Social Media Wiz

Rachel Forward

1st Break Accounting

Margaret Rollings

Integrated Health Solutions, Darwin

Meghan Williams

In Balance NT

Marijke Miller

ConTact Care

Omanisa Ross

Darwin’s Spiritual Naturopath

Trina Lucas

Spirit Health Therapies

Shirely Ann Lawler

Hugging the World to Healing

Myf Powell

Jamealah Bellydancing


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