I want to share a little something you may not realise. I haven’t always been a healer. In fact, for many years, I kept myself so busy running after what I thought I should be doing rather than what I supposed to be doing that I successfully avoided hearing my inner truth. That is, until my level of discomfort skyrocketed. I had no choice but to stop and listen.

My story isn’t unusual. I encounter many women struggling with a similar story. Although the way it manifests is sometimes different, the distress they experience and the health outcomes are scarily similar. Good people locked in the wrong place, struggling to fulfil a role that has lost meaning for them, and are slowly going crazy, or facing health crises of mammoth scale. It almost feels like your corporate role is poisoning your Soul.

Meanwhile, the world keeps turning on its downward spiral and humanity misses out on something wondrous.


Insidious toxicity that cuts you off from your Soul wisdom

This soul-stifling existence has a level of toxicity that is truly insidious. It seeps into every aspect of your being and cuts you off from hearing your inner wisdom.

I experienced this intensely, before I leapt out of my corporate box. The amount of discomfort that I learned to tolerate on the physical, mental and emotional levels was incredibly high. It got the point that I was bawling my eyes out each morning on the drive in to work. I would then need to sit in the car park for 20-30mins trying to pull myself together enough to enter the building. On the weekends I would drag myself through family “fun” stuff with a screaming migraine and intense neck and shoulder pain.

Emotionally, I couldn’t stand myself. I was the ultimate bitch to my husband; withdrawn and often angry with my children; and sullen with my parents. To my friends and the people I worked with I was inconsistent, sardonic, unengaged and, at work I had no real interest in achieving team goals. Not a great outlook for someone in the role of team leader, right?

unhappy woman at work

Is your corporate role poisoning your Soul?

Thankfully I remembered a skill I learned in childhood: the art of sitting in stillness and allowing the world to speak to me, and creating inner space for the wise soul part of me to answer.

And that’s a story I will share, later, because it’s at the heart of how you heal from the toxicity of your misalignment with corporate life.


The symptoms of Soul poisoning

But for now I let’s look at how corporate toxicity manifests.

Sure there are the tangible chemical toxins you might expect from sources such as the fittings and furnishings, the electromagnetic radiation from computers, printers and phones. You might also consider the personnel make-up of your workplace toxic, as well as the deadlines and timeframes that create unbearable pressure to get things done, like yesterday!

These definitely add to the toxic brew and we will cover strategies and techniques to counteract these.

In my experience, there are seven major areas that need to be addressed in dealing with the toxic build up that many of us deal with in our corporate lives.

These are:

  • Misalignment of personal values
  • Woman as machine
  • Energy flow
  • Inner listening
  • The tyranny of silence
  • Healing
  • Choice

Within these lie other threads to be unravelled and rewoven to better represent the whole person you are.


Your new best friend

For today, though, I want to bring attention to your best friend when it comes to developing the skill of inner listening. That is your body. Many of us exist in this world from the neck up, cut off from and unhappy with the divine vehicle that houses our Divine essence. If you are feeling disconnected, out of order or overwhelmed, then the first step for you to take is to get back in touch with your body.

Annette Noontil’s book called the “Body is the Barometer of the Soul” encapsulates this idea beautifully. If you are struggling to connect with guidance from Soul, the best place for you to start is with your own body. When you’re not listening, Soul clearly tells you when you are off track by creating ripples of discomfort in your body. The longer you stay off course, the further off track you stray the more apparent that discomfort becomes.

Take a few moments now to send your awareness through your body. Just scan without judgement, taking note of areas of tension, areas of pain or soreness. You may also encounter areas of numbness or feel unable to connect at all. That is all information for you – impartial information with no sense of goodness, badness, shame or blame.

Your body has merely stored a collection of memories, emotions, impacts or traumas, waiting for you to notice and work with. This information in turn can provide further insight to messages from Soul.

You may find my morning meditation an easy way to start making connection with your body. You can download it here.

This is the first article in a series about how your corporate role is poisoning your Soul.

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