What I Do

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As an embodiment coach and spiritual healer, I help women managing small teams in their own business, or someone else’s, who are feeling stressed, burned out or overwhelmed to be responsive, resilient, calm, clear and centred, by healing what’s holding you back, and connecting you with your inner Divine Feminine.

You’re here because …

You’re seeking relief from the constant pressure, the energy drain from having too many things on your plate, and that dizzying sense that you are no longer really you. You want something that will put you right back in your centre, in cruise control where decisions come easy, where drama is a thing of the past, where you know exactly what you want and how to get it.

You also want answers to questions you can’t even frame yet. A response to that deep, indefinable sense that this isn’t quite how your life was meant to be. That something is missing.

This mystery calls to you even on the days when you are super-busy, stressed to the max and racing to meet the demands of your business, your team, and your family.

You know it’s there because you’re here right now looking for … something …

Together we will …

Take the pressure off by healing the things that need healing and equipping you with the tools, strategies and activities to move you out of overwhelm and into powerful presence.

This means:

  • Targeted healing for stress and pain relief; injuries and illness and any past challenges that may still be impacting on you now.
  • Intuitive coaching to free you from habitual patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Clear guidance that taps you into your own unlimited potential.
  • Practical, actionable steps to make the change you’re seeking.

A New Normal

Every single one of us carries a unique quality needed on planet Earth right now. We are all here to achieve something incredible. To do this you must to step fully into your own incredible reservoir of inner potential.

By healing yourself, bringing your own inner energies into balance you reflect this change outwards, creating a ripple effect that is unstoppable.

Let’s create a new normal that measures worth on what we contribute rather than what we produce. Where rampant consumerism, fear and competition become obsolete and we exist in a new normal based on collaboration and cooperation.

It is vital that we bring the pendulum back to centre and start healing ourselves and the planet. The first and only thing that we can change is ourselves. So I work with women wanting change, to heal what needs healing so they become an embodied Goddess.

I am determined to show my daughters that there is another way.

Inner Connection

1-1 Consult package


Did you wake up this morning thinking “Oh God, I just don’t think I can do this!”?

"This" being the same routine, the same challenges, the same issues, the same round-abouts -- the feeling of doing, doing, doing. But the question at the end of the day that remains un-answered is "WTF?"

You’re tired, unmotivated, and thinking what’s in it for me? The “it” being your life. What’s worse your body and emotions are working against you, undermining your reputation as the level-headed, can-do, decisive, action-taker.

Trivial things are pushing your buttons, you're oscillating between wanting to scream and wanting to crawl under the desk and cry. You’re sick of being tired, but not able to sleep. You’re empty, from being everything to everyone, and nothing to yourself.

Let’s clear the static, give you room to breathe, and put you back in touch with the essential you. The you with dreams, visions and life goals that have momentarily fallen by the wayside.

This 1-1 package is crafted specifically to your needs: healing, empowering and equipping you with a skillset that has you completely centred.

Embodied Goddess

VIP Group Program


The term Goddess is being used more often. Rather than becoming clear and whole with use, She is becoming even more muddied, misunderstood and diminished.

It’s a term that modern society applies to women who fit a specific, ideal image of what the desirable woman is -- a two-dimensional representation that stops well short of the full glory of Goddess.

Goddess has been dissected and applied in superficial dollops, turning our warrioress natures in mere “Kick-arse Bitches”; our alluring Aphrodite selves into sexual icons trapped in the popularised ideal of vapid submission.

Our Mother nature is devalued, unsupported and squashed by a society that values productivity over people.

The Wise Woman aspect is depised by male and female alike. The wisdom of the Ages cast away like ashes on a strong breeze.

The Goddess is much more than we currently allow her to be. She cuts deeper, climbs higher, encompassing the purest light and the deepest shadow. She is the magnetic force that attracts all that she needs. She is the driving power of all creation, the primal energy of all potential. She is the essence of receptivity that divines the nature of the Universe.

It’s time to reclaim the Goddess and bring her home.

Learn Reiki with Me


You have a natural gift, a talent lying dormant in your hands. Would you like to learn how to awaken that gift and share your beautiful light with the world?

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive way to heal yourself and others.

Valued for its ability to reduce stress, alleviate pain and to allow the body to move into its deepest healing state, Reiki is a treasured gift to give, first to yourself; then to those around you.

Feminine Leadership


The World is calling us to arms -- to rise up and create a new normal based in the feminine principals of connection, intuition and the authority of the Divine Mother.

The fire of change lies within you, within us all. It is imperative we act now to change the balance of our World's energies. To give our children a better future than the one they currently face.

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