Recover from bronchitis fast: with a multidimensional remedy.

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Having bronchitis feels like you’re in a 2-week long marathon that mercilessly works your lungs, neck, upper back, side body and intercostal muscles. After which you’re fatigued, depleted and still coughing, for goodness knows how long! What you need is a way to recover from bronchitis fast!


Identify what’s caused your illness

We know that disease in the physical body is a manifestation of imbalance in the subtle bodies. Specific illnesses such as bronchitis, give you the perfect opportunity to apply your metaphysical learning to a real-life situation.

After all, you’ve got time on your hands with nothing else to do but feel miserable. You may as well experiment with things that can restore robust health sooner rather than later.


How to speed up your recovery from bronchitis

Let’s get straight to the point. Here’s how you can speed up your recovery from bronchitis:

  1. Medication, physical and metaphysical: Follow your prescribed medication regimen while also exploring holistic approaches like Reiki to address the root cause of your illness.
  2. Give yourself permission to rest: Embrace rest guilt-free. Your body needs time to heal, so don’t rush back into your daily responsibilities.
  3. Stay hydrated: Hydration is key to flushing out toxins, and further supports your natural healing processes.
  4. Welcome the lessons: Illness often brings valuable insights and provides opportunities for accelerated personal growth.
  5. Prioritise self-care: Supplement your recovery with vitamins, minerals, and nurturing practices tailored to your needs.

I can’t emphasise the importance of the second point enough, so I’ll say it again—REST! Withstand external pressures to rush back into your responsibilities. Take the time you need to restore vitality.


Here’s my fast-recovery prescription

As you may have gathered, I’m speaking from personal experience on this one. I’m sharing what I did and why to give you a template work from. This also gives you an insight into how I tailor multidimensional healing for my clients.

  • Vitamin C and D, Zinc, and Multivitamins
  • Antibiotics (2 courses)
  • Reiki (of course!)
  • Heart and throat chakra mantras and visualisations
  • Bronchial mudra for targeted healing
  • Introspection, acceptance, and ancestral healing
  • Amazonite crystal for courage and truth
  • More than adequate rest, and nutritious foods that are easy to prepare and digest.

Many of these points are self-explanatory, but how did I know what was needed in relation to my non-physical self?


Understanding the subtle body

Here’s how I “knew” what else was going on and how to address it.

Chakra identification

In the very early stages, I very nearly lost my voice! Devo!! Can you imagine me not being able to speak? Not only that, an internal bushfire raged in my lungs for 5 days and nights. The immediate metaphysical connection to the throat and heart chakras was obvious to me.

But why choose mantras to support balance and harmony in these centres?

The answer lies not in the symptoms themselves, but rather in the context of the symptoms.


Communicate in Truth

In deciding to add another arm to my business this year—soul-aligned communication—I’ve activated a Universal agreement.

To help others overcome the blocks to clear, integrous, soul-illumined communication I need to heal those same issues within myself to distil soul wisdom from lived experience. This means:

  • Completely release the final fear (of succeeding!)
  • Attune myself to the vibration of Truth
  • Mindfully deploy the power of the spoken word
  • Employ silence as an act of sacred communication.


Bring grief into homeostasis

The burning in my lungs was a key indicator that my heart chakra was involved. Every breath felt like it was feeding the inner fire, filling my chest cavity with smoke, smouldering ashes and raging heat.

Knowing that air is the element of the heart chakra and that the challenge to overcome here is Grief, revealed even more clues. Yes, there is some personal grief to process; there is also ancestral grief derived from the loss of the sacred feminine and the resulting silencing of womankind. Not being able to give air to our true thoughts, beliefs and nature is a global phenomenon that all women are struggling to heal.


Chakra remedy

Intuitive guidance highlighted for me heart healing as a vital part of the purification process, I need to be in truth. And because the heart feeds the voice with the element of Air, the vibrational healing of mantra was the obvious solution. In particular, I chose the seed sounds for each chakra and incorporated colour visualisation.


My personal chakra remedy:

Come to a place of stillness and allow your energies and awareness to settle into your body. If it feels comfortable to do so, place on hand gently over your throat chakra, and the other over your heart chakra.

  1. Let your awareness be drawn to these energy centres.
  2. On you in-breath, breathe the sound yam (yummm) into your heart centre and exhale the sound ham (hummm) through your through your throat chakra.
  3. Keep breathing slow steady breaths, yam into the heart, ham into the throat.
  4. If you wish, add colour to your breath: green into the heart, sky blue through your throat.

Sit with this for as long as it feels easy and comfortable. You may like to experiment with breathing ham into the throat, and yam out of the heart. You can vocalise the sounds or say them quietly in your mind, allowing your focus to follow the sound through the centres you’re healing. Continue, bringing your focus back whenever it strays,  to yam-heart, ham-throat, yam-heart.

If at any time you feel dizzy or breathless stop. You can come back to this remedy at any time and do it for as long, or short as you need.


Bronchial mudra

For extra oomph, I searched for a mudra to include in my chakra remedy. Even though Akash mudra is recommended for the throat chakra, my intuition nudged me to look deeper.

Lo and behold I discovered a specific bronchial mudra, which not only focuses

on restoring balanced flow to the bronchial tubes but also strengthens the immune system.

I found this incredibly effective for switching focus to the area of my body most affected, and easy to do while I was feeling truly terrible. As well as the conscious inclusion with my chakra remedy, I used this mudra when watching TV, during rest periods, and at night recovering from coughing fits. It was incredibly effective at soothing and reducing these nighttime episodes.

If mudras are something that interests you, this YouTube channel is well worth a visit.


Inherited energetic patterns

The things I’ve identified above were fairly obvious to me because I know myself pretty well. But I felt a deeper current of healing was needed in relation to my ancestral line. It’s quite incredible what can be imprinted and handed down.

For instance, there’s a history of cigarette smoking in my familial line, starting with my parents. The raging bushfire experience at the onset of my illness highlighted that this was yet another dimension that needed to be addressed at this time.



Further back, my paternal grandparents smoked, and my maternal grandfather also smoked, and he developed emphysema.

No wonder as the infection progressed my lungs felt heavy and solid. I knew this was an opportunity to send healing through me to those who came before me. It is as simple as vibrating the frequencies of:

  • Acknowledgement
  • Acceptance
  • Understanding/forgiveness/compassion
  • Love

In practice, this looks like sitting in childhood memory with those people and remembering how much I love them and letting them know what I’ve been up to since they moved on.

Ancestral healing isn’t always easy, though, and there are instances where going it alone is ill-advised. If you feel daunted, reluctant, terrified, resentful, guilty or justified in anger and blame, or plain overwhelmed in any way, seek the help of a healer to guide you and hold the space for you.


What about the Amazonite crystal?

Known as the stone of courage and truth, the crystal’s gentle energy let me know it was ready to support me.

With a greenish blue, or perhaps it’s blueish green, it aligns with the heart and throat. As such it’s associated with balancing both of these energy centres to enhance loving communication. At the physical level, it can help reduce muscle spasms and is great for soothing the nervous system—a perfect fit for my prescription.

Luckily for me, I had a piece, a gift from a beautiful friend. Consciously acknowledging the association and beneficial qualities of amazonite, activated a synergy between this crystal and the other self-prescribed vibrational medicine.


Taking charge of your healing

The upshot of all of this is: that there’s always more going on than is apparent on the surface. Therefore, there’s always more than one way to approach your healing.

Finding your personal prescription is the way I approach healing and empowering you to activate and get the most out of your prescription is how I enable you to take charge of your own healing.

If you’d like to explore what this means for you, book an obligation-free consultation here.


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