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Inner Connection

1-1 Consult Package


You are the centre of many worlds, the one everyone turns to for guidance, decisions, answers. You have a reputation for being a strong leader with clear vision: intelligent, articulate and on-point.

Yet something has knocked you off your own centre, leaving you feeling vulnerable, on edge and wondering who the hell you are and what’s going on.

You need to reclaim your sense of self, your clarity, humour and joy of living. You need to stake a claim on the life you dreamed you’d be living, and stop the wheels from spinning, keeping you in this rut.

Rather than put a band-aid on so that you can continue to soldier on, or even worse, just ignore it and pretend this will sort itself out if, I am here to show you how to not only free yourself from this feeling of being stuck, but how to tap into your own body’s incredible ability to return to true balance.

Together we’ll stop the overwhelm, heal the burn out, address the mindset that has you stuck in this loop, and equip you with some basic, practical and yet powerful tools to help you tap into an inner resource you never even knew existed.

Your initial consult is obligation-free.


Embodiment coaching that heals from within


You need:

  • To feel like yourself again – fast.
  • Solid ground under your feet.
  • To get off the emotional rollercoaster.
  • Your body working with you not against.
  • Clear space to catch your breath.

Above all else, you need a safe place to just let it all go, with the absolute certainty that this is a sacred healing space.

This is not a one-size fits all, one-hit wonder approach. My offering is tailored specifically to your needs, your story and the outcomes you’re yearning for.

Step one is to address the stress.

A little bit of stress is not OK. A lot of stress, switched on, all the time, leads to overwhelm, burnout, and joyless living.

We’ll identify where it’s showing up, drill down to the true causes and equip you with tools to release it.

Let’s address the stress and remove that straw from the camel’s back!

Step two is to finish any incomplete healing.

The bumps and bruises of life have created the incredibly well-rounded woman you are today.

Yet aspects of some of these bumps may scrape beneath the surface at unguarded moments, contributing to the perfect storm you find yourself in right now.

If there are, we’ll uncover them, and complete what needs completion.

Step 3 is to plug you into your own source of incredible power and potential.

Your secret superpower is yet to be revealed. I’ll show you where to find out, how to work with it, and why you need it moving forward.

Talk to me to find out how this approach meets your needs. Your initial consult is obligation-free.

Your Inner Connection package includes

connect anywhere


This 1-1 Consult package includes 3×60 min sessions.

We’ll meet, online via Zoom, or in-person in my healing space in Nakara.

Part healing, part coaching, part strategy session, your time is put to best effect to shift you out of overwhelm into clear waters.

body, mind and spirit


True change starts at the energetic level and moves through to the physical. 

I work with you on all levels — body, mind and spirit — to make and sustain the change you seek.

Leave your scepticism at the door and step into your full potential.

empowerment tools


You’ll be equipped with exactly the right tools to support you in between our sessions.

These can include:

  • tailored visualisations
  • personal healing activities
  • reading and reflection
  • actions to undertake in your personal world
  • personal training in introductory energetic techniques.

ongoing support


For the duration of our time you have access to me via email or Messenger — or both.

When questions come up, or uncertainties arise, we can address them quickly.

Stay on track, stay motivated, stay true to your commitment to yourself.

Are you ready for deep transformation?


If you want to cut straight to the chase,  then let’s get started.

A 90-min deep dive session is perfect for you if you are ready to welcome transformation in to all areas of your life.

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