The Embodied Goddess

3 month VIP Program


Reclaiming your Goddess nature takes more than reframing the concept and adding this word to your vocabulary. It takes rolling up your sleeves and getting busy with repairing the temple. Before you can welcome her home, your temple must be strong, clear, and lit from within.

This means reclaiming your health, releasing fear and self-doubt. It is about letting go of stress, anxiety, depression and all feelings of unworthiness.

By moving into deeper relationship with your body, you are enabled to house the light of the Divine Feminine, and become the alchemical connection point between Heaven and Earth.

As you become an Embodied Goddess you reclaim not only your birthright — a joyous life on Earth — you help all those around you achieve the same birthright.


6 Pathways to the Goddess Within


If you’ve reached a point in your life where nothing seems to make sense. Your sleep is chopped to pieces by panic or anxiety over things out of your control. Your body has taken your sanity hostage, hiding it behind walls of raging hormones, overwhelming stress, acute pain or chronic illness. If you just want to stop the ride and get off!

If you look at yourself in the mirror every morning and wonder who is that stranger looking back at you. Where did that bright-eyed girl go? The one with all the dreams and plans?

If you just want to feel calm, in control and normal again.

Then it’s time to bring the Goddess home. It’s time to make the space invite her in and prepare yourself to be the Embodied Goddess.

This program is for you if you want:

  • To co-create better health with your body.
  • Answers to the questions why me? Who am and what’s it all about?
  • To release fear and self-doubt.
  • To experience in your body the true power of manifesting.
  • More joy and less WTF in your life.
  • The serenity of balanced inner energies.
  • To supercharge your ability to take action guided by Higher Wisdom.

To meet the Goddess Within and to prepare the temple for her to take up residence, we journey down 6 distinct pathways of healing and self-mastery.

Pathway 1: Rebuild the Temple

Pathway 2: Bring in the Light

Pathway 3: Sit in Stillness

Pathway 4: The Triple Goddess

Pathway 5: Play in the Waters

Pathway 6: Reclaim the Sacred

Imagine being the unassailable Goddess, always centred and responding to the world around you from the depths of Universal wisdom; able to choose the aspect of Self that best suits the demands of the situation. Knowing when to employ the destructive passion of Kali, or to extend the compassionate nature of Kuan Yin.

Imagine easily up-levelling your achievements as you take guided action from a higher perspective; using your faculties of instinct, intuition and intellect in a beautiful synergy.

Imagine drawing opportunities to you with ease as you rest in the comfort of your true nature.

Imagine being the Embodied Goddess.


Your program includes

6 x 90 min personal sessions


In the Embodied Goddess you receive a powerful combination of bespoke healing and tailored expansion activities specific to your unique circumstances.

To assist you in gaining personal mastery of your own inner connection, you will be guided to the online resources, exercises and activities that are most relevant to support your growing mastery of inner connection.

These sessions occur fortnightly allowing time for integration.

6 fortnightly group calls


We meet as a group, online in alternate weeks to your individual sessions, for Q&A calls.

In these sessions I answer questions, provide more details where needed and share a guided visualisation.

This is the prime time to share any ah ha moments you care to share, and to further your understanding by listening to each other’s experiences.

These group calls are 60 mins.

small exclusive membership


Becoming an Embodied Goddess offers deep healing and the potential for incredible personal growth. It is my signature program and receives my full attention.

Ensuring that each member is completely supported on their journey, and that the sanctuary of our group is honoured, I cap the numbers at 13 members each time it’s offered.

Our online group is for the exclusive use of past and current members.

The program is also only offered twice a year. If you’d like to be notified when the program is open again, please make sure you join the waiting list.

embodied learning


You receive the benefit of over 20 years of my own research, training, ongoing professional development and experiential learning distilled into easily accessible chunks of information.

This information is also lovingly unpacked into exercises and activities for you to introduce into your routine, to take this learning out of your mind and into your body.

Becoming an Embodied Goddess requires that your run all of your learning through you incredibly wise body, to be able to access wisdom through experience.

The waiting list is open

The Embodied Goddess VIP Program will be open for enrollment in February 2020. To be the first to be notified please join the waiting list.

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