Feminine Leadership



The world is in the grip of a major imbalance in it’s foundational energies. 

This imbalance began many centuries ago with the subjugation of the Divine Feminine. It is still apparent today in the dangerous inequities we see in the world, ranging from and not limited to:

  • gender pay gaps
  • growing divide between the “haves” and “have nots”
  • withholding of education and basic health care from people in need, based on the delimiter of money
  • callous disregard of the human tragedy of war, with the closing of borders against people displaced and traumatised through no fault of their own.

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Step into leadership


The first step in addressing the looming global catastrophe created by this longterm energetic imbalance, is for you to recognise your true nature.

This is an act of self-love and deep healing beyond anything you have done previously. It requires courage, faith and the combined wisdom of your powerful centres of intellect, intuition and instinct.

What is needed is for us to reclaim the Divine Feminine. To heal what was split asunder many centuries ago. Then to extend that healing beyond our individual selves.

This is not a militant call to arms to overthrow the patriarchy and re-establish the matriarchy. This is something more challenging. 

You are being called to step up, take responsiblity, take charge and do what you do best by virtue of your very nature: heal, nurture, guide and protect.

The only way forward for every living creature on this planet, for the Earth herself, is for every woman on the planet to step up, bring the Divine Feminine back into the light and embrace the tortured, damaged, unbalanced and highly toxic Masculine energy.

Our role is to bring back the Divinity of both the Feminine and Masculine energies. To swing the pendulum back to centre and ensure the ongoing dynamic balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

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