Living with fibromyalgia is a drag, and it continually empties the wellbeing bucket. Including these three must-haves on a daily basis, will take your wellbeing from mediocre to extreme.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that these activities take self-care to the next level – self-devotion. And this is, in fact, your first must-have.

When it comes to defining devotion you can’t go past the exquisite beauty of the words of the Virtues Project. Take a deep breath in, sigh it out and settle into your heart space to receive this.

Ready for extreme wellbeing?

“Devotion is a commitment to something we care about deeply. It is a passionate focus on our life’s purpose. It is wholehearted service to an endeavour that we love. Devotion to those we love is a promise kept in daily ways to care for one another always. Discernment is the first step in discovering what is worthy of our devotion. What is my “yes”? What calls to me so strongly that I cannot resist, knowing that it is truly mine to do? When we are devoted, we give all we have and all that we are. Devotion is our true wealth.”

Really let that sink in. Take another breath, read it again. Now turn that understanding of devotion to the concept of self-devotion. This is the first ingredient for extreme wellbeing. A shift in perception regarding the things you do to care for yourself. Are you just ticking boxes? Or are you honouring the truth of who you are by offering devotion in your actions?

The second must-have is love. As Rumi says, “Fall in love. Stay there.” Filling your body with the uplifting and expansive vibration of love improves your mood, enhances your immune response, reduces your stress level, improves your recovery from sickness, increases your life span…the list goes on.

How do you bring more love into your life?

Other than the obvious, you can give yourself Reiki. Reiki is often described as feeling like receiving unconditional love. Learning Reiki is easy and is a natural gift that’s available to everyone. Why not get yourself attuned and dose yourself every day?

If Reiki is not your thing though, there is always heart coherence. This is another powerful way to connect with the energy of love. A quick Google search will pop up with some great suggestions for you to try.

And, of course, there is always music. “If music be the food of love…”. The Solfeggio frequency of 528 Hz helps connect you to the vibration of love. Take your pick, or use all three. I do! The world needs more love, so why not start with you?

Are you Awake yet?

The final ingredient for extreme wellbeing is consciousness. Expanding your awareness and training your ego mind to quietness so that the Observer can step into the spotlight.

Transcendental Meditation is a profound way to expand your awareness of higher consciousness and provides the added bonus of immersion in Source. Imagine luxuriating in Source energy every day. Divine!

Of course, TM is not everyone’s cup of tea. My next recommendation is mindfulness. Establishing a daily mindfulness practice that profoundly connects with the inner Observer will boost your ability to be present in every moment of your day.

In fact, the two practices are so powerful and beneficial, I do both.

In summary, for extreme wellbeing, apply these must-haves daily:


Take your application of self-care activities and rituals next level with the liberal application of devotion.


Surround yourself, fill yourself and overflow yourself with the energy of love.


Build your Presence muscle and allow yourself to Awaken to your own perfect Truth.


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