I love receiving Reiki. It is such a gift to relax on the treatment table and receive the healing touch of skilled practitioner and feel the flow of Reiki energy wash through my body.  Stress melts away, as my body moves deeper into relaxation. I feel safe and nurtured, and by the end of the session I feel restored. Often with a renewed perspective.

And this is exactly what I love sharing with those who come to me to receive a treatment.


What happens in a Reiki treatment?

I start by taking some background from you, with a detailed intake form and a conversation. One of the questions I’m likely to ask you is “What do you want to get out of this session?” or “What is your intention?” If you’ve never received Reiki before, I describe what will happen and what you may experience.

Then I’ll dim the lights, leave some candles burning and invite you to relax on the treatment table.

One of the tools that my teacher shared with me was to clear the aura and to cleanse and balance the chakras. I like to start most sessions this way. Then I’ll place my hands on you in different locations on the body — guided by intuition and sensing through the hands.

Sometimes I’m called to incorporate crystals into the healing, but not always. Reiki symbols come into play too.

Depending on the tradition they’ve studied, other Reiki practitioners, may routinely include crystals, essential oils, colour therapy, guided visualisation or other healing approaches to enhance their work.


What does Reiki feel like?

What most people report experiencing during a Reiki treatment is an overall sense of calm and wellbeing. Physical sensations can include:

  • warmth from the practitioner’s hands
  • gentle vibration or buzzing in some areas of the body
  • a chi-like sensation (the deep, achy, yet almost electric feeling some people notice with acupuncture or acupressure treatments)
  • coolness, like menthol (as you experience using a liniment)
  • seeing images or colours
  • experiencing feelings or emotions

Over time Reiki practitioners become sensitive to the interplay of energy and may pick up additional information  this way. This extra information often prompts some questions, or inspires guided visualisations during my sessions.

Sometimes it shines a light on an emotional element that you can choose to acknowledge and resolve as part of the healing process. It is also your right to choose to not address that if you don’t feel ready.

You can find out more about what Reiki is, here.


Bringing your Reiki treatment to a close

Each person receives exactly what they need in that moment for healing in body, mind and spirit. Each person’s exeprience is different — and each time you recieve Reiki, it is likely to be slightly or even greatly different to the previous time.

What most people report experiencing is peace, calm and a sense of being able to deal with whatever the challenge is that brought them to a healing session in the first place.

Some people are highly charged and visibly lighter; others quieter and obviously still processing at some level. I have had some clients leave their treatments feeling dubious and underwhelmed by their healing experience. They’ll often ring within a day or two to report back that after initially feeling nothing straight after the treatment, they were now re-energised and sparking along; or had experience an ah-ha moment; or that a chronic, niggly ache or complaint had stopped bothering them.

If you’d like to experience Reiki for yourself, you can connect with me here to make a time.

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