Reiki is such a simple and natural form of healing. It’s as simple as “Hands-on, Reiki on. Hands off, Reiki off.” The hardest thing about it is answering the question of what it actually is.

One of the things I love about Reiki is that no two treatments are ever the same. Something different is needed for each person; each time. You only ever receive exactly what you need in the moment of healing.

One of the things I find most difficult about it is providing an adequate explanation of what it is and what you can expect in a Reiki treatment.


Universal life force energy

One popular definition of Reiki is that it is universal life-force energy. To me this means the energy surrounding and threading through all living things. Becoming a practitioner means being attuned to this energy and being enabled to safely channel this energy for healing.

It’s my belief that hands-on healing is an ancient art that is not restricted to customs, religions or culture. It’s an innate human trait – we are all instinctively capable of doing it. We’ve just forgotten how.


Usui’s System of Natural Healing

Reiki as it is practised today has evolved from the teachings of Mikao Usui. He developed his experiences and insights into a beautiful healing system and spiritual practice that has been handed down to successive “generations” of teacher-practitioners. At the heart of this system is the intention to bring forth best possible healing for the greater good of all.

From this original source of teaching, different systems have evolved. My personal view is that there is no, one, right way, or better format. Different styles suit different healers, just as different healers suit different people. Our most powerful tool is freedom of choice. You choose what is right for you, and resist the temptation to foist your choices on other people.


Reiki is…

Ultimately it’s a simple system of healing that puts you into connection with Universal life force energy. The results of this connection – peace, calm, relaxation and a feeling of lightness. Reiki brings peace to both the practitioner and the receiver, through simple, sacred human touch.

If you’d like to know more about receiving Reiki, book a no obligation virtual cuppa with me.

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