In this space between the old and the new, it’s a place of dreaming, it’s the perfect time to turn within. Tune in to the wisdom within when planting the seeds of your intentions for the year ahead in fertile ground.

Do only the things you truly want to do. Drop the “shoulds”, let go of the burden of obligation, and be guided in your choices by your heart.

This is beautiful fertile ground for planting the seeds for the year ahead. As you choose your “seeds” (projects, activities, holidays, and so on), check in with the wisdom of your heart. Feel for the inner resonance that tells you “Yes, this is in alignment.”

I have a simple process for an easy flowing internal dialogue outlined below. Keep it light, playful and easy.

  • Find a place of quiet.
  • Let your breath draw you into stillness.
  • Allow your awareness to drop softly into your heart space.
  • Let the year ahead take form in your inner landscape. Arrange your dreams and plans in front of you, like seeds to be planted in the garden of your heart.
  • One by one pick them up and hold them gently in your hands. Each time, ask yourself and listen for your body response:
  • Does this make my heart sing?
  • Does this make my heart open and send loving energy through my body?
  • What do I feel when I hold this seed in my inner landscape?

Be guided by your clever heart and wise body.

My own inner dialogue goes something like this: Does this make my heart sing? Yes, plant that. Does this make my heart open send loving energy through my body? Not really… then put that one aside and pick another. What do I feel when I hold this seed in my inner landscape? A sense of contraction or the sense of a “forced” decision coming only from the head (This often feels like a “should”). That’s a definite no. I won’t go there this year!

Be aware that a lukewarm response can be an indicator of timing. It often means that something else is required to be flourishing in your garden before you plant that particular seed. You can rely on the wisdom within you to guide you, in this.

In this space of dreaming, this place of time out of time, I hope you enjoy the luxury of planning from your heart for the year ahead.

While you’re in the space of mapping out the year ahead, you may enjoy this great little article from Michelle Hanton at DragonSisters – Success – what does it mean?


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