When you have no spoons left, try these energy practices

by | Oct 2, 2023 | Healing and Chronic Illness, Tips

There’s been a recurring theme coming through the doors of my healing space over the last few weeks. From feeling like you can’t get out of bed in the morning, to getting frustrated with not being able to get much done, you’ve hit the depletion zone because there are no spoons left in the drawer.


No spoons left,
but you still have things to do

This sense of depletion is a positive feedback loop. That is, the more you feel it, the more you get of it. It’s right up front, very heavy and feels almost insurmountable, and there are a number of things currently contributing to this feedback loop, over and above the “usual suspects” that you’d expect from fibromyalgia and many other chronic illnesses.

Here are the big three that everyone is experiencing right now, not just spoonies. They’re adding another degree of difficulty for us all: and for some of us it feels like the last straw. Don’t despair, though, because below the culprits I’ve got some easy, effective energy practices to see you through.


Frequency upgrade

The biggest one is the acceleration of the Earth. There are no two ways about it, life on Earth is being experienced and a far more rapid rate as the Earth moves through her frequency upgrades.

Even the less consciously aware among us are noticing this and commenting on it. So, if you are sensitive, intuitive, connected and actively engaged in Awakening, you already know that this is having a massive effect on humanity.


Seasonal shift

Another biggie is the seasonal shift. We’ve passed the Spring/Autumn equinox and the swirling shift in seasonal energies can be influencing how you feel. Spring may have encouraged you beyond your normal bounds. It’s hard to resist, I know! Autumn may have you feeling fallow ready for the dormancy of winter.

Whereas for us in the more torrid tropical regions, the humidity and heat are beginning to clamp down, with the Build-up bringing a degree of difficulty that makes everything, even breathing properly, 10x harder to do.


End of year is looming

Over and above that is the final push to Christmas. Each year it seems to come sooner and stretch longer! But there’s no doubt about it, those last few months of the year can be really challenging.

If you’re experiencing all of this AND you live with chronic illness, or you’re recovering from illness, injury or surgery, you may be experiencing your normal levels of fatigue being crushed by these external drains and being sent through the floor to depletion.

You’re not alone, and here are some of the things you can do to reverse that trend.


Energy practices to use
when you have no spoons left


Always my go-to and always number 1 on the list of self-care and energy practices. Breathe! People in general don’t breathe properly, so taking conscious deep breaths to the belly at various times during the day is a must. Keeping the blood well-oxygenated makes a huge difference when you’re trying to reverse the trend of depletion.

However, when you’ve hit depletion be mindful of how you go about this. Breath and movement, like Qigong and Tai Qi, can contribute to further depletion in the short term, even though in the long term these are the perfect practices for building your energy reserve.

If you’re in the depletion zone, I recommend, quiet seated belly breathing and making a conscious connection to the energy centre in your lower abdomen. Visualise, imagine and experience your in-breath building the energy in this centre, and out-breath inviting it to radiate gently through your body.


Slow down

If you’re anything like me at the moment, if you went any slower, you’d stop!

However, to counteract the effects of accelerated frequency shift you need to include moments of conscious slowness. This is more than stopping when you have to stop. This is about consciously making time in your day to be slow, move into stillness, and just be.

Whether you take a few moments for breathing, mindfulness, daydreaming, or just resting, sprinkling slow spots through your day will make a very big difference.



Gentle, long-hold stretches, such as those found in Yin yoga are perfect for restoring your energy. They’re best done at the end of the day as part of your preparing-for-bed routine. Gentle stretching invites expansion into the fascial tissue that supports and encases all the systems of your body, while gently opening and unblocking the meridians of the body to restore balance to the energy flow within your body.

Alternatively, if gentle stretching doesn’t appeal, restorative yoga is also a great option.


Make every meal count when
you have no spoons left

When heavy fatigue transmutes into depletion it’s very tempting to turn to comfort food with a high fat and carbohydrate content, as well as caffeinated drinks for that instant energy boost.

Trust me when I tell you, this is robbing Peter to pay Paul. What I mean is, your body needs more energy to extract the energy content of that food, so the net balance is still in deficit.

Add to that the effect of caffeine, sugar and gluten in relation to your body processes and general body environment. The instant energy boost is artificial, comes from your emergency supplies, thus leaving your energy reserve empty-er afterwards.

And, these particular ingredients also feed the inflammation level in your body, which is yet another energy-sapping condition.

Instead, try moving your focus to foods that are light and give more bang for your buck—fresh fruit and veg. You might also like to experiment with how you eat. Instead of set meals and snack breaks, you may find you do better grazing, that is eating small amounts more often.

When you are in the depletion zone, often you don’t feel hungry when you need food, you actually feel exhausted. Take note of when you feel really tired, and try eating some slices of fruit or steamed veg while you have a break from whatever activity you’re engaged in.

Light soups and steamed or stir-fried veg are also good choices when your fatigue has moved into the depletion zone.

It’s also worth investigating whether your gut function needs some temporary support. Chronic illness and reduced gut function often go hand-in-hand. If you are bogged down in depletion, talk to your naturopath/homeopath/acupuncturist about whether or not you actually able to extract the full nutritional load from the food you’re eating.

They’ll also be able to recommend other supplements that you may need for a while as you rebuild your energy reserve.


Love your food

This is a great tip I teach my Reiki students—share Reiki with your food and drink before you consume them.

If you’re not Reiki attuned, that’s OK. Your loving heart can energise your food in much the same way. It also helps add another couple of conscious slow moments to your day when you take the time to connect with the energy of gratitude.

In brief, here’s what to do.

  1. Connect with your heart space.
  2. Bring a memory of joy, appreciation, happiness to mind.
  3. Focus on the feeling that goes with that memory and bring that feeling into your heart space. Feel a smile on your face as you focus on the feelings in your heart.
  4. Breathe into that feeling and see, feel or imagine that feeling expanding with your breath. With every breath, imagine that feeling getting bigger and radiating out from your heart space.
  5. See, feel or imagine this gratitude energy flowing from your heart, down your arms to your hands.
  6. Allow your hands to hover above your food or gently clasp your drink as you imagine the gratitude energy flowing from your heart through your hands and into your food or drink.
  7. Stay with that feeling and imagining as long as you feel the need.
  8. Then with gratitude, let go of the imagining and eat your food with joy and appreciate how good it feels to nourish your body in this way.


Actively seek joy, fun, and lightness

It’s easy to slide into a negative mindset when you’re literally running on empty. It’s too hard—with no energy, it’s almost impossible to find the motivation to get started on your day, and even harder to do it with a smile and lightness in your heart.

But, sitting in that slump only amplifies the emptiness. It takes a conscious decision on your part to change the soundtrack. When I’m really struggling with negativity and low mood, I find music is the easiest, fastest way to turn things around. Consciously steer yourself towards music that brings a smile to your face, makes your feet tap and invites you to sing along.

Bolster that feeling by finding things that make you laugh, even if it’s yourself—so long as you’re laughing lovingly along with yourself, rather than at!

Music, comedies, jokes, and things that make you laugh and bring a smile to your face are really quick easy ways to disrupt the downward spiral of negative thinking. While this doesn’t automatically equate to more energy, it can make you feel more able and motivated to focus on small easy tasks.


Energise yourself

In the same way that you love your food, you can love and energise yourself. Again, if you’re Reiki-attuned it’s a delightful daily practice to give yourself Reiki. But if you aren’t, working with your heart energy can be just as effective.

Using the steps above to connect with your heart space and come into coherence with the energy of gratitude, loving kindness and appreciation, allow this energy to flow to your heart, lungs, thyroid, liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, bladder, and sexual organs.

Take the time to connect with each organ individually and imagine them surrounded by and filled with the loving energy of your heart.

Then let the energy fill the whole of your body, from head to toe. It’s a beautiful way to start or end the day, and if insomnia is contributing to your picture of depletion, doing this practice during those wakeful times is a powerful way to receive some restorative rest.


Surrender and accept

Finally, where ever possible, let go of conflict and resentment, by reminding yourself this too shall pass. Right now, in this moment I am empty, but I give myself the grace to choose something different.

You may like to take your acceptance into action using the following formula.

Just for today, this is how it is for me. I feel [FILL IN WHAT IT IS YOU’RE FEELING], so I lovingly do these three things for myself.

List your top 3 supports and make note of how you will use these supports today.


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