Have you ever had those days where you wake early in the morning and your pain-o-meter is already registering seven or eight out of 10? You think to yourself where did that come from?

You lie there breathing, working through the relaxation or focus techniques that you know can help, if only you could get in front, or on top of, the beast that’s rampaging through the delicate nerve endings of your body.

Next to you, your partner lies snoring blissfully.

Nothing’s different

As you struggle with your options, you wonder WTF? What’s different? I’ve been doing everything I know that keeps me on an even keel. Your health providers ask you the same question – but can give you no answers. To all intents and purposes, your general health management routine hasn’t changed.

That’s when I discovered the effect of the New Moon.

Subtle triggers with big effects

I’d already been acquainted with the heady energies of the Full Moon and safeguarded myself against over exerting myself when her enticing energy revved me up too much.

Now I discovered her “dark” side. The new moon, that night of no moon, and how powerful an effect it was having on me.

Looking for the patterns

I started noticing a pattern in my energy flow – a definite slump at certain times of the month that brought me crashing down with screaming migraines and intense pain for two, sometimes three days.

It took me a while to work it out, but I now honour this deeply Yin time as a space for rest, self-nurture and deep introspection. These days I arrange my work schedule and client load to flow around this island of stillness.

I’ve learned, that this is a natural cycle, a message received and understood by my subtle body. Previously, in my ignorance, I’d try to “push through” and my subtle body would respond in the only language that was getting through at that time – pain.

Then I started noticing that it wasn’t just me. My clients were reporting “flare ups” that came seemingly out of the blue. We’d discuss what was going on at the time. Often there was a direct link to the cycle of the moon. The new moon was often the culprit.

Weather patterns and seasonal changes were also often to blame, as were the effects of the moods of intimate relationships, and even workplace environments could have an effect.

This started the uncovering of a whole new level of understanding and is now a regular part of the self-discovery exploration I guide clients through.

If you’d like to make a start on this yourself, I’ve created this comprehensive Guide to help you. You can download it here.

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