Why do Shadow work?

by | Aug 30, 2019 | Spiritual development

You could be forgiven for asking if it’s that uncomfortable, why do shadow work? If it means you have to “go there” and “deal with your shit” why put yourself through it? Isn’t it easier to just lock the basement door and walk away?

The Shadow Aspect often contains those parts of ourselves that we deem distasteful. These can be personality traits, habits, behaviours, attitudes, and so on. The things you feel are negative and detract from the image you have of yourself, and how you like to be seen by the world. It also contains many of the programmed beliefs and social conditioning you may have unconsciously taken onboard over the years.

Yet, these attributes are a part of you and add depth and nuance to who you are. Working with the Shadow means working to heal, forgive and accept this part of Self and balancing your internal polarities. This is powerful work and enables you to tap into the strength of your Shadow Aspect.

Here are a few things to bear in mind as you dive into your shadow work. When you feel bogged in the mire, and it will happen, use them to remind yourself why you started this process in the first place.

Shadow work is a step toward Ascension

Why would you want to go poking around in the dark, stirring up the painful stuff? This is a powerful process of self-discovery, of understanding what makes you tick. Looking into your unconscious behavior as you discover you’re on a path to greater consciousness.

Owning all parts of you allows you to start developing the depth and understanding that ultimately result in discernment and wisdom. Learning from your mistakes, and acknowledging patterns, attitudes and behaviours for what they are empowers you to change.

On a vibrational level, this enables you to literally lighten the load. To divest yourself of the denseness of things that no longer serve as you move along the path to Enlightenment. Finding harmony with your Shadow raises your vibration. If you’re looking for Ascension, you’ll find it in the basement, so to speak.

Not doing the work is a lost opportunity

To a large degree, nothing drastic will happen to you if you choose not to do this work. You will continue to live your life along the pathway your current vibration has aligned you to. But you may miss a golden opportunity to fulfill your true potential!

However, be warned. You ignore the Shadow at your own risk. Shut-down, boxed-in Shadows can grow in the dark. They can get to unmanageable proportions and suddenly spring into the light to disrupt your world. Limiting beliefs that sabotage your best efforts; strong, overwhelming emotions that engulf you at the slightest trigger; or toxic anger that incinerates all it touches are just a few examples of Shadow getting the upper hand.

Sometimes these symptoms are the first sign many of us receive that it’s time to open that trap door and enter the cellar!

Embracing your shadow makes you powerful

Your shadow contains a power that is so visceral it directs your body without conscious will. Each time you move into an unconscious response to an external trigger, your Shadow has taken control and your “ugly” darkness gets out.

For instance, flying off the handle at the smallest aggravation after an extended period of time of “swallowing your anger” because you learned as a child that is not ok to express anger. Whether we are raging at someone, or deep in the grips of fear or some other limiting belief that holds us spellbound, we are experiencing the power of the Shadow.

Imagine if you consciously accessed this power. How would that change your story? What changes would ripple outward and what opportunities would manifest when you consciously choose to change your vibration? Now, that’s powerful! But, how do you do it?

Here are 3 key steps
to consciously access the power of your Shadow

See it

Start paying attention. Notice the patterns, the thoughts, the behaviours, the attitudes – all the things that conspire to create the situations that allow the Shadow out.

When you start noticing, really see it. See it for what it is, a recurring pattern. You may still feel the same and react when your buttons are pushed. But if you are seeing it, you’ve made a start of doing your Shadow work

Name it

Next step. Name it. Call that Shadow for what it is. Whether it is ugly anger rampaging across your treasured relationships or fear or self-doubt keeping you corralled in a yard that is too small for your beautiful potential, call it for what it is.

Name that Shadow so that each time it comes out in broad daylight you see it. You know it. You start to become conscious of it, and by doing so, you shift the balance of power.

Own it

Whatever it is, that aspect of the Shadow is yours. As you start to see it for what it is, as you call it for what it is, as you become more conscious of when the Shadow is dancing in the light, you come to own it.

This allows you more choice. Being able to consciously choose how you respond to situations, people, and stimuli is very, very powerful. When you own it, you get to decide when the Shadow is needed – if it is needed.

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